Sontiq’s BreachIQ Recognized as ‘Transformative’ With CyberSecured Fraud Protection Award

BreachIQ Analyzes More Than 1,300 Factors to Assess Data Breach Severity, Risks, and Provide Recommended Actions to Protect Against Fraud

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Intelligent identity security firm Sontiq, a TransUnion company, is announcing that it has earned the top spot in the Fraud Protection category for the 2022 CyberSecured Awards. The company was specifically recognized for its proprietary data breach analysis capability, BreachIQ.

The annual CyberSecured Awards are issued by 1105 Media’s Security Today, an industry media brand that provides technology, education and solutions for security professionals. The awards are independently judged and honor outstanding product development achievements “considered particularly noteworthy in the transformation of cybersecurity.”

Everyone has a unique history of data exposure, which means they have different types of risk to their identity. The one-size-fits-all advice that is traditionally offered provides little value to consumers and can amplify fear and confusion, two chief reasons for costly inaction.

Sontiq’s solution is transformative because BreachIQ’s proprietary AI algorithm analyzes more than 1,300 data points using information from publicly reported data breaches, fraud risk patterns, and feeds from the Dark Web and online criminal forums. It then calculates a highly personalized risk score ranging from 1 to 10 based on the severity and risks, and provides the specific steps an individual should take to mitigate their risks.

Jim Van Dyke, senior vice president of innovation at Sontiq and an expert witness in some of the nation’s largest data breach litigation cases, notes that identity theft and fraud caused by data breaches can be financially devastating. The issue is most people aren’t equipped with enough information to respond effectively.

“Consumers and security professionals need specific, actionable insights into data breaches to proactively protect against fraud,” Van Dyke said. “Earning the CyberSecured Award validates our efforts and confirms that the cybersecurity marketplace needs more effective tools to respond to data breaches. We are honored to be recognized as a transformative product. “

He continued, “The advanced technology in BreachIQ makes it possible to mitigate the unique risks a data breach poses by analyzing the pattern of exposed personally identifiable information and recommending specific actions to address those risks.”

BreachIQ is available within Sontiq’s IdentityForce identity security product. As a public service, Sontiq has made a no-cost online version available at for anyone who wants a risk assessment and recommended actions for a particular data breach.

About Sontiq

Sontiq (pronounced Son-tick), a TransUnion company, is an intelligent identity security company arming businesses and consumers with a full range of award-winning identity and cyber monitoring solutions, as well as best-in-class restoration and response offerings. Sontiq products empower millions of customers and organizations to be less vulnerable to the financial and emotional consequences of identity theft and cybercrimes. Sontiq has an outstanding track record for delivering high-touch support and fraud remediation services, demonstrated through its 93% customer satisfaction ratings.


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