Tricentis Unveils the Future of No-Code Test Automation

New SaaS-based solution supports enterprise app, API, and business process testing

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tricentis, a global leader in enterprise continuous testing, today announced the general availability of Tricentis Test Automation, a cloud-based test automation solution that simplifies test creation, orchestration, and scalable test execution for easier collaboration among QA teams and their business stakeholders and faster, higher-quality, and more durable releases of web-based applications and business processes.

“While organizations are building their businesses and deploying applications on the cloud, most teams are constrained by legacy processes which are creating slow, error-prone and costly challenges due to the lack of a viable cloud-based testing solution,” said Suhail Ansari, Chief Technology Officer, Tricentis. “Tricentis Test Automation enables organizations to automate end-to-end quality for their integrated cloud-based solutions with faster speeds, no-code, and reduced test maintenance costs.”

Tricentis Test Automation is the next iteration of model-based testing, built specifically for enterprise applications. Tricentis Test Automation enables organizations to test end-to-end business processes and complex business applications. The next-gen solution now delivers a cloud-based, collaborative solution that enables teams to verify quality across their integrated platforms. From functional UI to API/microservices testing, the user-friendly SaaS-based solution allows anyone to quickly assemble scalable automated tests without coding or prior test automation knowledge.

Tricentis Test Automation’s key features include:

  • SaaS-based – Tricentis Test Automation is a highly scalable, flexible, and easy to manage cloud-native SaaS application.
  • Model-based UI test automation – Build codeless, resilient, automated tests through a unique approach that separates the automation model from the underlying application.
  • Elastic execution grid (E2G) Test faster and at scale by running multiple tests in parallel across distributed infrastructures and virtual machines.
  • Playlists – Define test data and environmental coverage to prepare, configure, and orchestrate test cases for multi-app, end-to-end process testing.
  • Service simulation – Develop and test applications earlier and more completely by simulating microservices that are out of a team’s control, costly, or unavailable. Virtual services and contract tests are created from recorded traffic and deploying them as needed in the DevOps process.
  • API testing – Invoke http API calls or async calls, like Kafka, MQ, or Rabbit, with user-defined payloads to easily test back-end functionality without relying only on front-end test cases.

In the GigaOm Radar Report for API Functional Automated Testing, analysts recognized Tricentis Test Automation, saying, “Auto-discover is the biggest strength we see in the Tricentis offering. Most organizations don’t know what they don’t know, and an inventory of APIs is a great start to solving that issue.”

During the beta for Tricentis Test Automation, Karen Gonzalez, Quality Engineering Manager at IHG Hotels & Resorts said, “The simulation capability in Tricentis Test Automation is going to be a powerful innovation for us on our digital transformation journey. It provides all the key enablers for our quality engineering needs and is ready for our cloud/container world of the future.”

To learn more about Tricentis Test Automation, register for the webinar scheduled for February 2, 2023.

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