UnitedLex Expands Digital Litigation Suite with First-of-its-Kind Data Re-Use Analytics

New automation builds on historical work product to reduce discovery costs and surface relevance faster

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–UnitedLex, a leading data and professional services company for legal, today officially launched its Vantage Intelligence Repository (“VIR”), the latest investment in the company’s suite of digital litigation tools. VIR enriches knowledge management and allows clients to leverage data and insights across their litigation discovery portfolio. Through VIR’s unique architecture, UnitedLex clients can build a repository of historic work-product, regardless of data origination, significantly reducing discovery costs.

Compared to solutions in the market that rely exclusively on basic algorithms, touted as “Artificial Intelligence,” VIR’s pattern-attribution technology generates category scores by leveraging historic decisions regarding relevance, privilege, and issues, as well as other discovery work product and is tailored to case complexities and client needs. As new documents are collected for ongoing legal matters, VIR compares new “fingerprints” against those of previously cataloged data. When fingerprints match, VIR calculates easily interpretable scores indicating relevance to prior decisions, creating referenceable institutional knowledge and allowing legal data to build and become richer over time. Importantly, VIR accomplishes this without creating additional repositories of these sensitive documents.

“In my experience as in-house counsel for a major enterprise retailer, we were often unsatisfied with our inability to reuse data and prior work product across cases and investigations, which was a missed opportunity in light of the potential competitive advantage, increase in speed-to-understanding, and cost reduction,” said Aaron Crews, SVP of Analytics & AI, UnitedLex. “VIR solves this problem by using previous decisions to inform new ones.”

Key benefits for corporate legal teams and law firms include:

  • Capture, consolidate, and reuse fact sets and work product across litigation portfolios.
  • Identify patterns and insights from previous decisions to develop data-driven legal strategies.
  • Improve speed and accuracy by automatically identifying previous decisions for future matters.
  • Remove costs and mitigate risks around long-term data hosting.

This investment coincides with a period of intense focus on the company’s fast-growing litigation and investigations business, underscored by bringing on several well-known eDiscovery and data science experts including Warren Kruse, Emmeric Lachaud, Jacob Cisneros, and Will Patton. UnitedLex’s Vantage Intelligence Repository recently received accolades in Legalweek’s Leaders in Tech Law Awards 2023 as a Knowledge Management category finalist.

To learn more or request a demo of the Vantage Intelligence Repository, click here.

About UnitedLex

UnitedLex is a data and professional services company delivering outcomes that create value for high-performing law firms and corporate legal departments in the areas of digital litigation, intellectual property, contracts, compliance, and legal operations. Founded in 2006 with a mission to push the boundaries of legal innovation, we provide solutions that enable measurable performance improvement, risk mitigation, revenue gain, cost reduction, and digital business synergy. Our team of 3,000+ legal, data, and technology professionals supports our clients from operational centers around the world.


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