‘Using IBW to Enable Commercial Smart Building Systems’ White Paper Identifies Role of This Technology in Creating Smart-Building Environment and Options for Implementation

BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As more commercial property owners and managers consider In-Building Wireless (IBW) networks to drive efficiencies and cost savings, Red Bison, a Proptech Company with a highly flexible, vendor-neutral digital platform, commissioned consulting firm iGR to develop a white paper that provides details about the benefits of the technology and options for implementation.

The white paper, “Using IBW to Enable Commercial Smart Building Systems,” released today, describes the rationale for adopting this technology, the role it plays in creating a smart-building environment, and a comparison of network options.

According to Iain Gillott, founder of iGR and one of the industry’s leading analysts, most new buildings have some type of central automation system to control several main functions, including HVAC, people transport systems, lighting, visual comfort, building access, and security.

“To be effective, the central automation system needs a range of sensors and control and monitoring units around the building,” Gillott explained. “By using an In-Building Wireless network, each sensor can be wirelessly enabled so they can be located where needed, not just where the wires are. An IBW network provides a reliable radio signal anywhere inside the building, which also allows tenants or guests inside the building to access Wi-Fi or cellular and enjoy a higher-quality connection.”

EJ von Schaumburg, Senior Vice President of Red Bison, added, “A building owner can create greater efficiency by using the IBW network as the hub to connect systems because it collects data from the smart automation system and then uses it to drive cost savings through the different systems operating throughout the property. In addition, cyber security safeguards are built into the platform, providing visibility into all the inter-connected systems through a single view.”

With an IBW network, multiple applications and services can be supported by a single network, creating a layered stack solution. As a result, one network controls all building systems, significantly improving the ROI of the IBW while also reducing the operational cost savings to the building owner and operator.

“The IBW must be carefully designed to support all possible applications and services,” Gillott said. “It’s important to select a vendor that is technology-agnostic and can provide a complete range of solutions – cellular, Wi-Fi, and wired – and has experience working in new buildings with high LEED scores to maximize the design of the network.”

About Red Bison

Red Bison, a Proptech Company with a highly flexible, vendor-neutral digital platform, simplifies technology solutions for building owners by integrating innovative software and applications that enhance tenant satisfaction and increase asset values. The Red Bison platform seamlessly integrates and connects smart building, HVAC, IoT, and other facilities/management technologies to streamline and automate building processes while meeting requirements for increased performance, mobility, security, and sustainability.

About iGR

iGR is a market strategy consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile communications and digital infrastructure industries. Founded in 2000 by Iain Gillott, one of the industry’s leading analysts, iGR researches and analyzes the impact new wireless, mobile, and digital infrastructure technologies will have on industries, the competitive landscape, and a company’s strategic business plan.


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