Ascent Ventures Agreed to Invest $250k in StellarX Pre-seed, “A Revolutionary and User-friendly, Collaborative XR Platform”

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ascent Ventures has invested in OVA’s pre-seed “StellarX”, a content creation tool that helps businesses and individuals access the metaverse through artificial intelligence and create an accessible and collaborative workspace virtually. OVA, based in Quebec, Canada, and Ascent, based in the U.S., agreed on the 19th of January that they would announce their equity finance and partnership in OVA. After spending the last year in the NVIDIA Inception Program, CEO of OVA Harold Dumur and Co-Founders of Ascent Jon Loeffler and Mark Pomeroy have agreed to move forward with equity financing. OVA is recreating virtual reality for trusted industry giants such as Lockheed Martin, Nikon, Bombardier, and the Royal Canadian Navy.

Harold Dumur states, “We’ve been impressed by the team’s blend of business empathy, technical chops, and pragmatism. Jon and Mark have assembled a group of partners with experience across marketing, virtual worlds, defense, consumer society, and enterprise sales. We are excited to partner with Jon, Mark, and the entire Ascent Capital Partners team and to welcome them at OVA as a pre-seed investor as we are building StellarX, our world content creation tool for the open Metaverse. With that funding, we’re looking for more superstars to join the team.

Jon Loeffler shares, “OVA sits on the edge of cutting innovation in technology and, we believe, they are currently changing how multinational corporations approach virtual reality and its ability to enable a more immersive training experience. Our involvement with OVA has evolved into a partnership and we appreciate all the work they do to create collaborative spaces for select corporations.” Mark Pomeroy agreed and added, “We are excited to step forward with Harold and his team of innovators, designers, and creatives.”

Ascent Ventures is focused on selecting investments with both cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking teams that manifest a high degree of trust and determination. With OVA, Ascent has discovered both. OVA has a talented team of professionals and creatives whom we believe will take StellarX, creative virtual meeting spaces, and collaborative work areas to the next level – an immersive experience for all.

Other notable collaborators of StellarX are META, Dell, NVIDIA, Microsoft for Startups, VIVEX, and ScaleAI.


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OVA is a pioneer in AI-enabled immersive software technology development. We work with industry leaders from around the globe who are looking to transform their business with Spatial and Immersive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Virtual Reality. We also work in close collaboration with the top academic ecosystems to develop cutting-edge solutions that democratize XR. StellarX, our powerful content creation tool, empowers anyone to create their own immersive environments and simulations. Simply drag-and-drop, grab and go, point and click, or set it and forget it. You name it, consider it done — without code.

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