AuthenticID Joins FIDO Alliance

Reaffirming commitment to developing next-gen identity authentication solutions

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#authenticidAuthenticID, a global leader in identity proofing and fraud prevention solutions, announced that it has joined the FIDO Alliance, a global coalition that aims to provide open and free authentication standards to help reduce the world’s reliance on passwords.

“We are honored to join the other progressive organizations of the FIDO Alliance,” said Reed Taussig, AuthenticID CEO. “The FIDO Alliance’s efforts to shape the future of privacy and develop standards that promote fast, secure logins are part of AuthenticID’s core values and will ensure we can further optimize our products for our customers and end users.”

AuthenticID’s solutions, including fully automated ID verification and biometric authentication, are used by customers as part of their passwordless authentication processes and for multi-factor and step-up authentication. The AuthenticID platform has been developed for use across a number of websites and apps with not only security, but also user experience in mind.

AuthenticID will continue to work closely with partners and other members of the FIDO Alliance to develop identity verification solutions that deliver passwordless solutions to promote the safety, privacy, and digital experience of customers and meet the high standards of FIDO Authentication.

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About AuthenticID

AuthenticID is a pioneer in the Identity Proofing and Fraud Detection space. AuthenticID’s fully automated solution protects identities and mitigates fraud without sacrificing user experience. Founded in 2001, AuthenticID has deep domain expertise in verifying government-issued identification documents with the market’s most powerful, next-generation, automated AI platform for fraud detection and identity verification. AuthenticID’s patented platform is used by the world’s leading financial services firms, wireless carriers, and identity verification platforms.


Kristine Champion

VP of Marketing, AuthenticID

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