Consumers to Mobile Providers: Stop Bundling Content and Start Providing Better Experiences

New survey shows consumers would readily switch their mobile provider for one that acted more like the apps they know and love

FOSTER CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#5GMATRIXX Software, a global leader in 5G monetization solutions, today released the results of a follow-on survey to its 2017 research, exploring customers’ experience with mobile operators in the U.S. and U.K. After more than five years, over half of customers (57%) still say they would switch their mobile provider for one that provided an experience more like one of their favorite apps. When asked which app customers wished their mobile operator emulated, results have remained the same with Amazon (79%), Netflix (51%) and PayPal (47%) getting top marks. These apps are recognized for how easy they are to use, the wide range of options they offer for personalization and instant access to services.

When asked which app features consumers would like to see from their mobile provider, ease of use ranked number one (58%), followed closely by transparent pricing (55%). In 2017, transparent pricing was the overwhelming preference for 75% of respondents, suggesting that operators have made incremental improvements over the last five years toward providing clearer, easy-to-understand pricing models. Providing instant access to services was the third most desired feature (42%), coming in a close second after ease of use for customers between the ages of 18-29, a demographic that has grown up with on-demand experiences.

“While mobile providers have worked hard to modernize their offering and create a more seamless digital experience, our survey results show there is still more that can be done to engage customers with the kind of digital experiences they expect,” said Jennifer Kyriakakis, founder and CMO, MATRIXX Software.

Cost remains the number one reason for choosing a mobile provider, but it is followed closely by the quality of connection and data speeds. Access to 5G came in a close third, an option that was not available in 2017, but its high ranking today reflects the excitement for 5G speed and experiences. Perhaps surprising to operators who invested so much in procuring content to serve their customers, free streaming services ranked last for influencing the choice of provider in both the U.S. and U.K., below personalization and customer service.

Kyriakakis continued, “5G presents a real opportunity for operators not only to differentiate their service offerings and attract new customers but to also build additional revenue streams previously unimaginable. While cost is always a driving factor for consumer products and services, we expect it to take a backseat to quality of service and experience as A/R and V/R devices come to the mainstream market.”

When operators are able to meet consumer demand, there is good news ahead. Customers are eager to reward operators that act more like their favorite apps, saying they would be willing to recommend them to a friend (31%), leave positive reviews (17%), purchase additional services (13%), or do all three (30%).

The survey data was compiled in late 2022. Respondents included more than 3,000 U,S. and U.K. adults, age 18 and over.

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