DunhamTrimmer Releases Definitive Global Market Report on Biocontrols

LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CAGR–DunhamTrimmer®, the Global Leader in Business Intelligence for the Biocontrols, Biostimulants, and Biofertilizers industries, announced the release of its 2023 Global Biocontrols Market Report. The new Report details the continuing growth of the Biocontrol industry around the world, particularly in up-and-coming regions like Latin America. This all-encompassing analysis presents in-depth intelligence on the market, products, trends, and key players driving the industry throughout the upcoming decade.

The Report is designed to be the authoritative, “view-from-the-inside” resource for existing Biocontrol players and for companies and investors seeking to capitalize on the burgeoning Biocontrol industry.

Led by the need to feed a growing population, continued advances in technology, and a global desire for sustainability, Biocontrols align perfectly with these growth drivers that strive for more efficient and effective use of resources. These elements are key factors in DunhamTrimmer’s projections that the global Biocontrol market will continue to climb at an 11% CAGR, from $6.2 billion in 2021 to more than $15 billion by 2029.

“The Biocontrols market has changed so rapidly and significantly since 2019 when we last published an in-depth analysis of this segment of the industry,” says DunhamTrimmer Managing Partner Mark Trimmer. “We spent the past year analyzing the data in our Global Bioproducts and Companies Database and talking with our extensive network of contacts throughout the industry, in conjunction with a consideration of all of the economic, regulatory, and geopolitical forces that are influencing agriculture and biologicals markets. The result is a completely new analysis of the global Biocontrols market for 2023.”

The Report spans more than 330 pages and analyzes the market for microbials, biochemicals, macroorganisms, and other Biocontrol types through 2029. It includes more than 350 charts and graphs detailing revenue, share, and growth projections for 5 key geographic regions and every major and minor Biocontrol market, as well as for each Biocontrol use segment, application type, and crop group.

The 2023 Report provides a significantly expanded company section, including detailed profiles on 23 leading Biocontrol companies, spotlight organizations to watch, and a detailed comparison chart with scoring of 120 companies introducing DunhamTrimmer’s proprietary Consolidated Strength Rating.

The Report also includes sections on the history and evolution of the Biocontrol industry; an in-depth chapter defining Biocontrols and their uses with one-of-a-kind analysis, rationale, and criteria based on real-world market conditions; key trends and drivers for the Biocontrol industry; new data on the PGR global market and information on sulfur and copper markets, and SWOT analyses for the Biocontrols industry. An Excel data option is available for clients wishing to conduct further analysis.

DunhamTrimmer’s network and its collective 170+ years of experience in the Biocontrol, Biostimulant, and Biofertilizer markets offers a distinct alternative to Market Reports from outside the industry. The Biocontrols Report is the latest addition to DunhamTrimmer’s library of in-depth analyses of key segments of the Biologicals industry, including Global Market Reports on Biostimulants, Pheromones, and Biofertilizers over the past three years.

About DunhamTrimmer

Founded in 2011, DunhamTrimmer LLC is the premier market research company focusing exclusively on the global Biological Agricultural, Public Health, and Forest Health markets including the Biopesticide, Biocontrol, Biostimulant, and Biofertilizer industries. DunhamTrimmer serves an extensive list of multi-national, investor group, and start-up business clients through its broad market experience and a thorough understanding of the global biological sector.


Rick Melnick

Vice President, Global Business


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