Modernizing Stroke Management: Unlocking Cost and Quality Improvement with Biome’s Enterprise Tool

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#cardiology–Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide, with a significant impact on patients, families, and healthcare systems. In the United States, stroke accounts for one out of every twenty deaths, and its related costs are projected to reach $240 billion by 2030. To address these challenges, Biome Analytics, a performance improvement solutions company, has recently developed a new solution – the Biome Neurovascular Solution.

The Biome Neurovascular Solution is an enterprise stroke management tool that drives decisions around both cost and quality improvement. The tool utilizes advanced AI software to reconcile clinical and administrative data, allowing for an accurate picture of the baseline performance of each hospital within the system. The solution provides an integrated cloud-based portal for the Neurovascular Service Line to view all metrics and allows for a rapid analysis of the impact of meeting American Heart Association (AHA) defined treatment goals on every measure, including cost and quality. As with all of Biome’s solutions, the Biome Neurovascular Solution includes aligned support from Biome’s Performance Improvement team, all of whom bring many years of experience leading change management in hospitals and health systems.

The solution has been successfully implemented in a nationally leading healthcare system, resulting in a significant improvement in door-to-treatment times and the value of care provided. The healthcare system was able to exceed the AHA’s guideline of sixty minutes or less for door-to-needle time, driving it down towards thirty minutes. In addition, the solution includes a user-friendly resource library that allows hospitals to implement quality improvement projects and access to services by the Biome Performance Improvement Team.

“Investing in the Biome Neurovascular Solution can help hospital administrators meet the challenges associated with stroke care and improve the value of care for their patients,” says Stuart Jacobson, CEO of Biome Analytics. “Our team is committed to working closely with healthcare professionals to ease the burden on them and help hit the ground running with these changes.”

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About Biome Analytics

Biome Analytics is a performance improvement solutions company that leverages advanced analytics and AI technologies to help healthcare providers achieve their cost and quality goals. The company’s solutions are designed to drive continuous improvement and provide actionable insights to enhance patient outcomes.


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