New Book from BigRio Managing Partner Provides Insider Insight on the Impact of AI on Healthcare!

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BigRio’s Managing Partner, Rohit Mahajan, is happy to announce the publication of his first full-length book Quantum Care: A Deep Dive into AI for Health Delivery and Research (ISBN: 978-1-64225-554-6).

Mahajan says, “According to estimates, the healthcare AI market will grow to over $45 billion by 2026. Now is the time for everyone involved in healthcare, including medical consumers and entrepreneurs, to understand and embrace the AI in healthcare revolution. This book is inspired by the patient journey of my father; I wanted to share the experience and provide insights on how AI applications in healthcare can solve many of the problems he and we as a family faced during his battle with lung cancer.”

The book offers 10 comprehensive chapters that take the reader through the latest scientific theories and real-world applications of AI and, specifically, how AI and machine learning are being used to improve healthcare delivery at every touchpoint, with a particular emphasis on AI’s profound impact on drug discovery.

The book also dispels many myths and misconceptions about AI and losing the “human touch” in doctor/patient relationships and takes a serious look at bias and some of the other controversies about AI currently making headlines.

Quantum Care also provides a roadmap for investors and startups looking to leverage the exponential growth opportunities being made available by AI healthcare solutions, particularly in the areas of drug discovery and medical research,” says Mahajan.

The book will be widely available on Feb. 21; you can pre-order now on Amazon.

About the Author:

Rohit is an experienced entrepreneur and leader with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and software industry. He has been providing innovative Data and Analytics solutions and products to clients in Digital Health, Healthcare, Retail, Automotive and other industry segments. He is skilled in business and IT strategy, M&A, Sales & Marketing, and Global Delivery. He has worked with Wipro and IBM. He is the Co-Founder and President at Citadel Discovery and CarTwin, Managing Partner at C2R Tech, and Founder at BetterLungs.

About BigRio:

BigRio is a technology consulting firm empowering data to drive innovation and advanced AI. We specialize in cutting-edge Big Data, Machine Learning, and Custom Software strategy, analysis, architecture, and implementation solutions. For more information, visit us at


Rohit Mahajan

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