NICE Alliance Announces New Adopters, Toyo Media Links and Headwaters, Which Accelerate the Expansion of Advanced AI based Secure Services of NICE Ecosystem Across Industries

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Industry Leading Network of Intelligent Camera Ecosystem (NICE) Alliance today announces two new adopters, “Toyo Media Links”, a pioneer of total space production, and “Headwaters”, an AI-based advanced solution provider.

Professionals who comprehensively produce various spatial presentations

“Toyo Media Links (TML) is a company that comprehensively handles space production including distribution of BGM and video contents, installation of surveillance cameras, and proposal of fragrance for spaces where people gather. Equipped with over 60 years of experience and expertise, TML has installed surveillance cameras for more than 500 customers, including governmental offices, major financial institutions, shopping malls, airports, and so on. From the perspective of space production, by participating in the NICE Ecosystem, we intend to upgrade our services from simple surveillance cameras to video data sensors for acquiring effective business data through AI.” said Mitsuhiro Muramatsu, President of Toyo Media Links.

“Also, our parent company, CSS Holdings, is engaged in the “steward” business, which maintains and manages tableware in the kitchens of major hotels and restaurants, and the “food service” business, which operates its own restaurants. Under the slogan of CSS holdings, “Go Beyond”, we will provide solutions based on the business data using AI to 700 customers of the steward business and 50 bases of the food service business.

Accelerating social implementation of AI solution in collaboration with world-leading companies

“Headwaters provides Edge AI solutions that utilize advanced technologies such as AI and IoT for smart stores, smart buildings, and logistics DX. We are working to develop high-performance, robust, and low-cost edge AI solutions by leveraging partnerships with companies with the world’s most advanced technological capabilities. Our participation in the NICE Alliance has made it possible to collaborate with the world’s leading companies in the electronics industry. We will contribute to realize an innovative and smart future by accelerating the social implementation of AI solutions that utilize the innovative NICE ecosystem for the smart cameras and IoT market.” said Yosuke Shinoda, President of Headwaters.

Expanding the NICE ecosystem with new Adopters

“We are delighted to be able to collaborate with TML, a professional space production company, and Headwaters, an advanced AI solutions provider, and welcome the participation in NICE for the improvement of customer services. I believe that the participation of both companies, which have a wide range of customer bases, will accelerate the expansion of the NICE ecosystem across industries and generate synergistic effects.” said Eita Yanagisawa, Senior General Manager of Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation and Executive Officer of NICE Licensing LLC.

NICE Alliance continues to develop and enhance the ecosystem, which will be open for all companies and interest groups who would like to participate as NICE members.

About NICE Alliance

Industry leading electronics manufacturers and brands Foxconn, Nikon, Scenera, Sony Semiconductor Solutions and Wistron formed the NICE Alliance, an innovative ecosystem standard for smart camera and AIoT markets, to provide an open data sharing platform based on image data and AI to enhance the synergistic effect of multi-brand, multi-camera and multi-service/application.


About Toyo Media Links (TML)

TML comprehensively produce various spatial presentation such as BGM, audio, video, security, banquet arrange, information communication, etc., and with many years of experience and expertise, TML provides the total support from planning to design, implementation, and maintenance.


About Headwaters

As an AI-based advanced solution provider, Headwaters has a thorough knowledge of customer business in a wide range of industries and has provided highly practical services in a speedy manner. We aim to make the business transformation of companies more valuable for the realization of a smart world.




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