Paperclip Mojo Patented Technology Enables The Brokerage Inc. to Better Handle Medicare Enrollment Period

HACKENSACK, N. J. , Feb. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Paperclip, Inc. (OTCMKTS:PCPJ) and its Mojo® services helped The Brokerage Inc., a national field marketing organization and brokerage general agency, greatly improve their efficiency during this year’s Medicare enrollment period. The Brokerage Inc. used Mojo to process 3-4 months’ worth of backlog data—approximately 12,000 applications—in a matter of 3 business days, which would have normally required months of manual data entry.

“Mojo has allowed our new business team to work more efficiently,” said Cristin Hopkin-Bishop, Chief Operating Officer, The Brokerage, Inc. “We no longer have to spend time on data entry and can focus more time on case management so we are able to provide better service to our agents and agency partners.”

Mojo uniquely combines machine learning and crowdsourced human intelligence to transcribe, translate and interpret both handwriting and text with patented technology that achieves a 99.9% accuracy rate. Clients avoid typing, and indexing, saving case managers valuable time by fully integrating with popular agency management systems for case creation and auto filing of documents into their document archives.

“Mojo provides the opportunity for our customers to do more with less, freeing up valuable resources to do what they need to—servicing customers—not data entry,” stated Suzy Tuck, Paperclip SVP of Sales.

Clients enrolling Medicare patients face unique processing challenges due to the short enrollment period. Part of The Brokerage Inc.’s secret sauce is their efficient application processing and exceptional customer service. Mojo not only handles their paper applications but also their e-apps, bridging the disconnect between the e-app and the back-office processing. Using the Paperclip Mojo service enables The Brokerage Inc. to continue to expand their reputation for excellence and unrivaled customer service.

“Mojo has allowed us to put processes in place so that we can follow up with every piece of business that is submitted through our office,” Hopkin-Bishop said. “Paperclip has also gone above and beyond to work with us so that we could get not only our paper applications but also our electronic applications set up in our CRM. Now we have a process in place so that all electronic enrollments completed from our electronic platform will be in our database. We can attach a PDF copy of the application, commissions, call recordings, and any case management notes.”

About Paperclip, Inc.

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About The Brokerage, Inc. (TBI)

The Brokerage, Inc. is a national Field Marketing Organization (FMO) and Brokerage General Agency (BGA), and we specialize in a comprehensive portfolio of life, health, and accident-related insurance products.


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Paperclip, Inc. 

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