RKTech Corp., a Rikkeisoft Company, Establishes Its First Office in the Fourth Largest US Metro Area, Dallas-Fort Worth

The establishment of RKTech affords a Vietnam-based global technology solutions provider strategic access to North American market and to achieve a company vision of becoming a billion-dollar technology company within the next five years

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On February 23rd, Rikkeisoft, a leading Vietnam-based global IT solutions provider, is pleased to announce the establishment of its North American subsidiary, RKTech, with the opening of its first office in Dallas, Texas.

“Rikkeisoft aims to become a billion-dollar technology company within the next five years, and the establishment of RKTech is one step towards achieving this vision,” Rikkeisoft Chairman Tung Ta affirmed.

Rikkeisoft has been providing high-quality software development, testing, QA, IT consulting and Digital Transformation services (Cloud, AI, RPA…) for over a decade, serving mid-sized enterprise to Fortune 1000 clients in the U.S., Japan, and Asia. The establishment of RKTech marks a significant milestone for the company as it expands its footprint in the U.S. market, offering a wide range of high value technology solutions and services and providing better support to its existing and new North American customers. RKTech will provide its customers convenient access to Southeast Asian high quality IT resources, as an effective alternative to other locations such as India or Latin America. RKTech’s office in Dallas is strategically located in one of the fastest-growing technology hubs in the U.S., which will allow the company to attract and acquire top talent to support its expansion plans.

RKTech’s U.S. operations will be led by Tung Bui, BOD member, SEVP of Rikkeisoft cum CEO of RKTech. Tung Bui is one of the industry pioneers with over 25 years of experience, spearheading a globalization strategy, directing the expansion of Vietnam IT to the Japanese, Singaporean, and the U.S. markets. Tung Bui was the CEO of the most prominent Vietnamese company in the U.S. He led the charge for a successful M&A transaction acquiring an Atlanta-based IT Consulting firm.

“I am excited to join Rikkeisoft and lead RKTech’s U.S. operations,” said Tung Bui. “The U.S. market presents a tremendous opportunity for us, and I look forward to working with our team to deliver the best quality IT solutions to our clients, propelling RKTech to be one of the most successful companies in the U.S. and paving the way for Rikkeisoft to become a billion-dollar company.”

As businesses look to improve their system efficiency, migrate to the cloud, and adopt machine learning as potential ways to cope with current market uncertainty, Southeast Asia can provide a reliable technical force for cost-effective IT implementation.

Vietnam, like several other Southeast Asian countries, has long emerged as a global sourcing hub for developed economies, listed as a top 5 location for outsourcing, according to Gartner. Vietnam is considered a top destination for software services with many trusted vendors, thanks to its extensive young and growing talent pool, stable socio-economic environment, and low labor costs.

“I highly valued the technical competency of engineers from Vietnam,” said Tim Gallagher, founder and former Chairman & CEO of Electronic Transaction Consultants. “Vietnam has surely become an India+1 destination for American companies who seek high quality and cost competitive technology solutions & services. I strongly believe that RKTech will succeed in the U.S., earning the trust of many Fortune 1000 companies, and becoming a preferred solutions & services provider.”

About Rikkeisoft:

Established in 2012, Rikkeisoft Corp. is a leading provider of technology resources & services for the US, Europe, Japan and Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. For over a decade, we have been helping businesses & technology partners modernize processes, create lasting software & accelerate digital transformation.

From developers and testers to product researchers and consultants, our team shares the same values of dedication, commitment, teamwork & a learning attitude. We continuously strive to deliver cost-effective solutions & projects for our clients. Visit the Rikkeisoft website or email us at contact@rikkeisoft.com.


Xuan Nguyen

Rikkeisoft Corp.

PR Manager


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