Secure I.T. Environments Announces Completion of Data Centre Works for Top 10 Retailer

A redesigned data centre floor plan, with a new lab and energy efficiency UPS upgrades to two sites.

7 February 2023 – London, UKSecure I.T. Environments Ltd, one of the UK’s leading design and build companies for modular, containerised and micro data centres, has today announced the completion of a data centre floor plan redesign and build project, creating a new technology lab, and two UPS upgrades, for a Top 10 UK retailer.

The initial project involved reducing the size of an existing modular data centre, and creating a new technology lab that could be using for testing technology innovations the retailer planned to deploy. Splitting the data centre meant redesigning lighting, structured cabling, fire suppression, air conditioning, new flooring, and environmental monitoring systems. A new fire rated modular panel wall was installed to separate the existing data centre, forming the new lab room and storage facility. Some hardware was decommissioned, but wherever feasible existing infrastructure was redeployed where it met the energy efficiency requirements of the project.

All aspects of the new lab area were undertaken by Secure I.T. Environments, including the extension of structured cabling, lighting and AHU circuits, as well as fitting out with new bespoke lab workstations, new carpet tiled floor, fire protection and integrity testing.

In addition to the data centre redesign, Secure I.T. Environments undertook, two different UPS upgrades, aimed at helping the head office meet its commitments to carbon neutrality over the coming decade. The first UPS project, which took place in a live environment, involved replacing two 275kVA Eaton UPS systems with Riello 42kVA N+1 MPW CBC 130 MultiPower Combo Cabinet UPS and batteries modules. Old equipment was disposed of in accordance with ISO14001 Standards, and repairs were made to floor, given the new solution required a much smaller footprint.

The second, smaller UPS upgrade, included the installation of new dual input power supplies and output cabling from an existing bypass panel to the new UPS. This also took place in a live environment.

Chris Wellfair, Projects Director at Secure I.T. Environments, added, “One of the best things about working with modular data centre solutions, is the ease with which they can be extended, or redesigned to meet the changing needs of an organisation. Our long-standing work with this top 10 UK retailer, meant that we knew the site well, our installation phase was very short, and we could move to making the upgrades possible in a live environment with a minimum of disruption.”

About Secure I.T. Environments Ltd
Secure I.T. Environments Ltd is a UK company specialising in the design and build of energy efficient internal/external secure modular, containerised, and micro data centres, including mechanical and electrical infrastructure. The company has established an enviable relationship with its clients based on trust and mutual respect by working as a team with the client and its project team.

The company offers a “Total Solutions Package” to the private, healthcare, education, and government sectors, as well as co-hosting companies in the UK and offshore, by way of design, implementation, and installation management services for projects from small stand-alone computer rooms to large public sector contracts and co-hosting locations. All rooms are designed to meet the latest test standards, now regarded as the benchmark standard for modular rooms being installed throughout the UK and Europe.

Secure I.T. Environments’ primary aim is to ensure that clients’ critical infrastructure components are protected against all external threats in a suitably protected modular room or ModCel containerised environment. To this end the company has established long-standing partnerships with its manufacturers, who are at the forefront of R&D, to ensure the highest level of physical protection and energy efficiency is maintained.

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