Segra International Analytical Testing License

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Segra International Corp. (“Segra”), an agriculture technology company is pleased to announce the approval of its Analytical Testing Licence from Health Canada under the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations.

Segra’s Molecular Lab opened in 2017 to provide pathogen diagnostic testing and cultivar identification services for our tissue culture facility. These services have become a critical part of the quality assurance process that underlays our Verified Clean Stock™ program, and now includes ten Real Time PCR-based plant pathogen assays, including for HLVd. Having in-house molecular testing services is an important differentiator for Segra and provides our customers with peace of mind that they receive heathy, true to type, disease-free plantlets. After performing nearly 10,000 assays in the 2021-2022 fiscal year, we have upgraded our lab to increase capacity and now offer these services to our customers and other third parties looking for better crop surveillance tools.

Our recently awarded Cannabis Analytical Testing Licence marks the official launch of Segra Molecular Lab Services, which can now test cannabis plant materials for licenced cannabis producers seeking pathogen testing and DNA fingerprinting services. What differentiates us from other testing labs is our years of experience developing methods in-house and our exclusive focus on cannabis and cannabis pathogens. “We have been using Segra’s molecular lab for internal purposes and after feedback from customers, it’s time to make these value-added services available for all LPs in an effort to help mitigate cultivation risks, increase supply chain security and to monitor your fungal pathogen, virus and viroid load, all standard best practices in other commercially grown crops.” said Jamie Blundell, CEO of Segra. We believe that every successful plant disease mitigation strategy begins with sourcing disease-free plants and should continue with regular testing as plants mature to catch potential infections throughout the grow cycle. Segra Molecular Lab Services is more than just a testing lab, we are here to help monitor and mitigate against cannabis disease, allowing LPs to attain optimal yield and quality from every harvest. If you would like to know more, please reach out to Segra at to see how our lab can be of service.

About Segra International:

Segra is a Vancouver Canada based agriculture technology company offering plant tissue culture, plant genomics, and pathogen detection services to accelerate the advancement of the cannabis industry. Its proprietary technologies empower clients to drive financial performance and mitigate risk while exploring the next frontier of optimized cultivation practices. Segra has developed industrial-scale laboratories to produce Verified Segra Stock™ cannabis plantlets in collaboration with top breeders, and currently ships to licensed producers in Canada and a growing list of international destinations. Segra has assembled a world-class team of specialists in agronomy, molecular genetics, plant tissue culture, and regulatory compliance to support this vision.

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