Spencer Health Solutions and Perigon Pharmacy 360 Announce Collaboration to Bring Innovative, In-Home Engagement Technology to High-Touch Pharmacy Care

Partnership increases access to sponsored spencer SmartHub™ programs for patients with complex, chronic conditions

MORRISVILLE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spencer Health Solutions, Inc. (SHS) announced today that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Perigon Pharmacy 360 (Perigon). This agreement will expand the reach of its innovative, in-home digital medication adherence-promoting technology with the help of Perigon’s existing end-to-end, specialty pharmacy support programs for patients living with rare, chronic, and complex conditions.

“From the very beginning, partnering with Perigon 360 felt like a natural extension to support our ongoing in-home digital adherence and patient engagement programs.,” said Tom Rhoads, founder and chief executive officer of Spencer Health Solutions. “Our companies are uniquely aligned in how we view digital technology as an essential component to delivering real world data to stakeholders in the pharmaceutical ecosystem. We knew that combining our strengths could profoundly help patients, their families, clinicians, and caregivers, while also helping pharmaceutical manufacturers promote medication adherence and long-term brand retention.”

In addition to becoming a member of the Spencer-Certified Pharmacy Partner Network,™ Perigon is a nationally recognized and dually accredited specialty digital pharmacy that provides a higher level of pharmacy care to ensure industry-leading medication adherence rates, critical patient insights, and the best pathways to improved clinical outcomes for patients managing complex dosing schedules. Perigon will begin collaborating with SHS on pharmaceutical programs to make the spencer SmartHub™ available to patients this month.

“Perigon utilizes the most comprehensive suite of digital medication dispensing devices in the industry and the partnership with Spencer only enhances our capabilities to accommodate the most complex drug regimens and disease states. Our mission is to engage with patients in the home and use real world data to provide the most efficient but personable care as possible,” said Genese Hendrickson, Perigon’s chief business officer. “Many of our patients are on multiple medications, all of which have different directions for use and expectations, so it is critical that we promote and monitor patient adherence while also connecting that behavior to outcomes,” said Hendrickson “Incorporating spencer® technology into our comprehensive, coordinated patient support programs is a natural next step in ensuring the best possible health journey for our patients.”

The spencer SmartHub dispenses medication and promotes adherence while collecting longitudinal, daily insights from patients that can be leveraged to generate patient interventional support strategies while promoting positive health behaviors. For example, patients enrolled in the spencer program exhibit 97% daily medication adherence across a variety of diseases and medications. The spencer SmartHub is an FDA-certified Class 1 medical device that is easy to set up and use, only requiring the patient to plug it in and place a refill pack of medicines inside. The device connects to the Internet through an integrated cellular network or the user’s Wi-Fi network to quickly and securely:

  • Alert patients to take their pre-packaged medications on a prescribed schedule
  • Dispense medications and document medication adherence (i.e., drug accountability)
  • Gain greater patient access with integrated, secure telehealth services within the platform
  • Automatically integrate data from in-home wearable, biometric devices (e.g., glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, scales)

About Spencer Health Solutions

Spencer Health Solutions is a digital health technology provider dedicated to improving patient engagement and medication adherence for clinical trials, commercial pharmaceutical and healthcare-focused programs, while also easing the burden of medication management for patients and caregivers. Headquartered near North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, Spencer Health Solutions’ award-winning spencer® SmartHub provides real-time monitoring of patients’ compliance and real-world data that result in improved drug persistency, patient retention, and health outcomes. For more information, visit www.spencerhealthsolutions.com.

About Perigon Pharmacy 360

Perigon Pharmacy 360 is a full-service, specialty digital pharmacy providing comprehensive patient support across every disease category and every method of medication administration. Perigon provides a higher level of pharmacy care to ensure the highest adherence available, critical patient insights, and the best pathway to improved clinical outcomes for patients using medication therapies for oncology, infectious disease, neurology, immunological diseases and traditional chronic conditions. The company is independently licensed in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, and is dually accredited with the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) and the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC). For more information, visit www.perigonpharmacy.com.


Marni Schribman
Communications Manager, Spencer Health Solutions


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Genese Hendrickson
Chief Business Officer, Perigon Pharmacy 360

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