BlueQubit Launches Platform to Simplify Quantum App Development

  • BlueQubit launches a platform that makes it easy to run quantum jobs in CPU/GPU quantum simulators and real Quantum Computers.
  • Its quantum simulators use Nvidia’s latest GPUs and are 100x faster than the alternatives.
  • Free 34 quantum CPU simulator is provided for developers and researchers to get acquainted with the platform. More credits for larger systems available for researchers.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BlueQubit, a San Francisco-based quantum software company, launches a new platform that aims to democratize access to quantum computing. Traditional quantum computing systems can be complex and difficult to use, making it challenging for developers to create and test quantum algorithms. BlueQubit addresses this issue by providing a user-friendly platform that allows developers and researchers to access and utilize powerful quantum hardware with just one simple click.

The democratization of quantum computing allows more developers and researchers of all skill levels to conduct more complex problem solving, which could lead to more commercial and scientific breakthroughs. The BlueQubit platform was developed by Dr. Hrant Gharibyan, a quantum scientist from Caltech, and Hayk Tepanyan, a former ML engineer at Google.

The platform’s design allows engineers and researchers to quickly test quantum algorithms developed in popular quantum languages (e.g. Cirq and Qiskit) and it provides seamless and effective access to quantum hardware and cutting-edge GPU simulators that are 100x faster than other solutions in the market. BlueQubit is also releasing a free 34 qubit quantum simulator that is faster than most of the publicly available solutions.

“BlueQubit is revolutionizing the quantum computing landscape,” says Dr. Hrant Gharibyan, CEO of BlueQubit. “Our platform empowers researchers and developers across industries to effortlessly access quantum hardware and simulators, enabling them to bring their innovative quantum applications to life with unparalleled ease.”

BlueQubit is coming out of stealth mode, with the premise of bringing commercial quantum computing to the enterprise. Aside from solving complex optimization and simulation problems for finance, the technology also has the potential to benefit highly technical and safety-intensive applications, such as healthcare, cybersecurity, and aviation.

About BlueQubit

BlueQubit is a technology start-up based in San Francisco, California, that builds first-in-class quantum software for current and upcoming quantum computers with a mission to democratize access to quantum technologies and accelerate their commercial adoption.


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