Digital Pathology Service Provider, HistoWiz, Expands Laboratory Footprint to Increase Capacity with New Headquarters in Queens

LONG ISLAND CITY, New York–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading digital histology provider, HistoWiz, Inc., opens a new 10,197 square foot central laboratory in Queens, New York inside the Alexandria Center for Life Science – Long Island City. The HistoWiz laboratory facility houses the Company’s core histology services group including tissue processing, paraffin embedding, sectioning, and staining (H&E, Trichrome, PAS, etc.) and will allow the Company to expand its capabilities in specialty services including immunofluorescence (IF) and in situ hybridization (ISH). Additional service areas include pathology consultation, image analysis, and slide scanning/archiving. This new lab is in addition to Company locations in Brooklyn, New York, and Miami. HistoWiz’s corporate headquarters also relocated to Long Island City.

“Our expanded laboratory footprint is integral to our success as HistoWiz continues on a fast track for growth,” says Chief Executive Officer Linh Hoang, MD, Ph.D. “This new central lab allows us to further expand our automated lab processes and multi-step quality control systems which will improve quality and turnaround times. Through our digital platform, PathologyMap™, our customers at leading biopharmaceuticals, academic researcher facilities, and hospitals are empowered to view, manage, analyze, and share their pathology data.”

The Company’s move to the Alexandria Center signals its commitment to staying in the New York City area. “Our central location in New York City’s growing biotechnology corridor allows us to have a direct impact by streamlining histology workflows that make researchers’ time more productive, enable collaboration, and ultimately drive innovation for a healthier tomorrow,” added Hoang. The Company expects to hire 20-30 additional employees over the next year in the New York City area.

About HistoWiz

HistoWiz accelerates scientific research and discoveries by automating histology and digital pathology solutions. The company processes tissue specimens and digitizes the data onto its web-based platform PathologyMap™ for customers to review their results. This proprietary online platform enables researchers to quickly view, manage, analyze, and share their histopathology data. HistoWiz’s network of more than 60 on-call, board-certified pathologists are also available for on-demand consultation with the click of a button. Through automation and AI, HistoWiz’s innovations promote a deeper understanding of biology by enabling global collaboration to drive scientific advancement. HistoWiz was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Long Island City, New York.


Melissa Fisher

Director of Marketing

HistoWiz, Inc.

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