Waterplan Participates in the UN 2023 Water Conference

Leading technology enterprise platform driving #wateraction will share insights from major customers like AbInBev, Colgate, Danone, Diageo and others

NEW YORK, March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Waterplan, the leading enterprise platform to drive #wateraction by measuring, responding and reporting climate-driven water risks has been invited to participate in the UN 2023 Water Conference, which brings together world leaders with a focus on achieving water security for all.

By combining cutting-edge science, remote sensing, and artificial intelligence technology, Waterplan’s platform helps enterprises measure, respond and report ever-changing water risks.

Waterplan has been granted a special invitation to host a booth at the UN Water Conference during World Water Day, March 22. During the UN Water Conference, the Kingdom of The Netherlands is organizing an Innovation Pavilion at the UN headquarters to showcase water-related innovations. Waterplan has been selected as one of these innovations and will showcase their solution. On that same day, Waterplan will also be featured in the 100+ Accelerator AbInBev booth as one of their selected startups implementing technology to build a more regenerative and water secure world.

Waterplan will be also participating in a series of side events happening in parallel to the conference. The startup is organizing a joint open event with The Nature Conservancy to introduce emerging technologies that can support the improvement of water management and help guarantee this resource for future generations.

Leading companies running water stewardship programs rely on Waterplan to find local partners to implement watershed replenishment efforts – like wetland restoration or reforestation projects – and then monitor the impacts of these projects directly in Waterplan’s comprehensive climate platform. Waterplan’s Water Stewardship Team will participate at a Corporate Action Platform event led by WWF to discuss collaboration and plans to implement a basin-wide stewardship strategy through collective action.

Nicolas Wertheimer, Waterplan’s co-founder will be also representing Waterplan at the “Water Innovation & Business” networking and matchmaking event at the UNHQ. This event will bring together innovators, leaders, international entrepreneurs on water, and next-generation talent in the water sector and will be attended by – among others – His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

Waterplan will also be participating in the Innovation for Water Positivity event, hosted by CEO Water Mandate, a special initiative established in 2007 by the UN Secretary General and the UN Global Compact (UNGC) in partnership with the Pacific Institute. Waterplan will showcase how its technology can be applied to basin diagnostics, measuring and monitoring the impact of collective actions towards water positivity goals.

About Waterplan

​​Waterplan is the leading enterprise platform to drive #wateraction by measuring, responding and reporting climate-driven water risks. The company grew out of the YCombinator class of 2021 and was founded by a team of experienced technology and water entrepreneurs. Its customers include renowned Fortune 500 and multinational companies like AbInBev, Colgate, Danone and Diageo. The company’s platform combines operational data with local water satellite imagery, enabling a continuously updated financial assessment of water risk, providing tailored mitigation and adaptation opportunities. The company has been supported by a group of investors that includes Giant Ventures, David Helgason, Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Branson’s family, and Manu Ginobili, among others. Waterplan is committed to helping companies mitigate water risk by showcasing the business case for saving water, conserving watersheds, and preserving shared value.

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