Cognaize Expands Capabilities of AI-Powered IDP Platform to Transform Business and Decision-Making Processes in Financial Services

New Version of Cognaize Financial Insights Engine Introduces Breakthrough Knowledge Graph and AI Chatbot to Deliver Deeper Insights, Automation, and Human-AI Collaboration

NEW YORK, April 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cognaize, the intelligent document processing (IDP) company powered by hybrid intelligence, today announced a significant expansion to its technology platform that is increasingly being adopted by financial services organizations all over the world. The new capabilities extend the accuracy of Cognaize’s Financial Insights Engine through an innovative knowledge graph that provides deeper insights and enhanced automation while driving improved human-AI cooperation to transform business and decision-making processes in financial services.

Cognaize is the first and only IDP solution to use hybrid intelligence to deliver on the promise of AI for financial services. It combines sophisticated financial models that have been trained on over 1.3 financial million documents, including loan applications, SEC filings, ESG-related documents, presentations, or trustee reports, with human “experts in the loop” throughout the document automation process. Cognaize is designed from the ground up to address complex challenges for data scientists and deliver immediate efficiency to financial analysts.

The new capabilities, developed in response to customer requests, include:

  • A first for the market, the Cognaize Knowledge Graph constructs an extensive and interlinked knowledge network throughout various documents. Verified by human specialists, this knowledge graph fosters a profound comprehension of intricate connections. This newfound understanding is then harnessed to address user queries with exceptional precision.
  • The Cognaize Knowledge Graph exemplifies a cutting-edge model of entities, elevating the automation of new document ingestion to unprecedented levels. For instance, after processing a bond indenture, the acquired knowledge is utilized to automatically extract additional information about the bond, such as the outstanding balance, from 10-K filings.
  • Cognaize’s investments in cutting-edge technology now empower users to ask questions and receive near-instantaneous answers through the ad-hoc execution of AI models directly within the browser.
  • Additional features include ingestion support for the XBRL format, encompassing SEC filings, as well as an AI-powered method for optimally distributing validation tasks to human experts.

“Cognaize’s Knowledge Graph is a step forward in replicating human intellect by constructing an intricate model of the world and providing a path to true artificial intelligence,” said Vahe Andonians, founder, CTO and CPO, Cognaize. “We will continue to match our rapid pace of technology innovation with our hybrid intelligence approach that puts our customer’s financial experts at the center throughout the document automation process to ensure optimal accuracy and efficiency for the world leading innovators in banking and insurance.”

About Cognaize
Cognaize is an AI-driven IDP solutions company powered by hybrid intelligence for financial services organizations to drive continuous improvement and make transformative decisions that result in an ever-better business. Powered by Cognaize’s sophisticated financial AI models, which have been trained on over 1.3 million documents, and each customer’s proprietary data, AI models, and financial experts, Cognaize is the first company to deliver a complete AI solution integrated into the daily operations of business and data science teams, bringing the promise of AI to financial services firms. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Merrill Freund

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