Definitive Healthcare introduces Atlas AI

Built on the Atlas Dataset, Atlas AI includes 11 analytics that use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data science to help customers compete and win in the healthcare market

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., April 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Definitive Healthcare (Nasdaq: DH), an industry leader in healthcare commercial intelligence, today introduced Atlas AI, a set of proprietary analytics embedded throughout its solutions and services. Built on the Atlas Dataset, which contains robust claims, reference, affiliation, and expert datasets, Atlas AI leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data science to create new intelligence, enabling customers to better target opportunities, allocate resources, inform strategic planning, and drive critical business decisions.

“Our smart and dedicated team of data scientists have created a powerful set of proprietary analytics that help our customers understand, compete, and win in the complex healthcare ecosystem,” said Robert Musslewhite, CEO of Definitive Healthcare. “While we’ve always had proprietary analytics embedded throughout our solutions and services, we’re deepening our investment in this area even more, and now we’re making analytics that we’ve purpose-built for specific customers available for all users of our platform.”

As of today, Atlas AI includes 11 proprietary analytics to help customers compete in the healthcare market:

  1. Affiliations Intelligence allows users to understand the complicated relationship between healthcare professionals and organizations across the entire ecosystem. The analytics combine claims, primary research, and multiple data science techniques to uncover hundreds of thousands of previously unknown provider relationships. From the Definitive Healthcare platform, users can understand how providers are connected, map affiliated locations, determine network integration levels, measure affiliation strength, and more.
  2. RxDecision Insights enable users to understand which physicians are more likely to prescribe their drug, which physicians are more likely to prescribe a brand-name drug, or which physicians are prescribing a competitor’s drug. The analytics use a complex computational process to translate claims data into specific prescribing activities to identify physician decision-makers.
  3. Claims-Based Specialty leverages claims, reference, and affiliation data to determine a healthcare professional’s specialty more accurately. The analytics enable users to target physicians based on the work they are actually performing rather than relying on self-reported information that can quickly become outdated and inaccurate.
  4. Prescription Redistribution uses proprietary algorithms and statistics to match prescription refills back to the physician who made the original prescribing decision, enabling users to understand who is driving the usage of a specific drug. Prescription Redistribution leverages Atlas Prescription Claims and applies a complex methodology encompassing deep subject-matter expertise, proprietary algorithms, and statistics. After processing billions of prescription claims, the algorithm categorizes transactions into decision-making and non-decision-making event types.
  5. Expert Ranking discerns the top-ranked scientific and clinical experts. Rather than ranking experts solely by volume of activity, Definitive Healthcare’s data science team leverages the Atlas Expert and Atlas All-Payor Claims datasets and applies graph networks, centrality scores, and a proprietary algorithm to rank experts and physicians according to their positions within a community of practice. With Expert Ranking, users can better understand the experts’ influence in their therapeutic area and communities.
  6. All Claims Estimations, or ACE Projections, allow clients to gain a deeper understanding of their total addressable market. Earlier this year, Definitive Healthcare increased its Atlas Prescription Claims coverage by more than 60%, and Atlas All-Payor Claims coverage also increased significantly, including nearly 20% increases in key areas such as rare disease, oncology, and chronic conditions. Since no claims data provider has 100% of all claims transactions that happen in the U.S., ACE Projections use reference and affiliation data as explanatory variables to train an AI model that generates reliable estimations of clinical activity.
  7. New Prescriptions / Total Prescriptions (NRx/TRx) track new and total prescription activity to show how well a salesforce competes in markets and whether the share of prescribing increases over time. NRx/TRx use Atlas Prescription Claims and proprietary algorithms to account for wash-in and wash-out periods, which determines when a prescription is new for a patient and which physician prescribed that product.
  8. Atlas AI Org Charts provide an accurate view of medical, corporate, and board organizational structures at hospitals. Built on our robust database of more than 1 million executive contacts, deep healthcare industry expertise, and data science, Atlas AI Org Charts make hospital organization structures easy to navigate through standardized data and intuitive visuals.
  9. Predicted Locum Tenens identifies locum tenens physicians who can fill short-term, temporary vacancies at healthcare practices. The analytics calculate locum tenens status based on a proprietary algorithm that analyzes a physician’s recent billing activity and affiliations.
  10. KOL Industry Collaborations provide a comprehensive view into experts’ collaborations and work with life science companies and academic institutions. The analytics leverage the Atlas Expert dataset, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to scale these insights across over 14 million scientific and clinical experts.
  11. Claims-Based Payor Analysis finds the top payors for each healthcare professional and organization. Definitive Healthcare cleanses claims and categorizes payors to ensure standardization and accuracy across all insurance beneficiaries so users can better understand patient access, uncover new collaboration opportunities, and more accurately align services with patient needs.

Atlas AI leverages deep domain expertise, computer science, mathematics, and a vast toolbox of various data science methodologies to create new healthcare commercial intelligence. New analytics are frequently added to Atlas AI to help customers optimize commercialization efforts and drive critical business decisions.

Atlas AI comes standard with Definitive Healthcare’s data products in the View Product Suite, the Monocl Expert Suite, as well as its Latitude Analytics Suite and Passport Analytics Suite. Additionally, clients can use Atlas AI in offline reports and custom reports for more complex analyses.

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