Megaputer to present capabilities and benefits of Insight-D™ NLP solution for insight discovery in pharmaceutical data

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., April 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Megaputer will reveal its new Insight-D™ insight discovery solution for pharmaceutical companies at Bio-IT World 2023 conference in Boston, MA on May 16-18. Insight-D™ capitalizes on a balanced combination of advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

Insight-D™ performs intelligent analysis of textual and structured data compiled from multiple data sources and facilitates early detection of relevant insights and previously unknown emerging patterns across numerous products, territories, therapeutic areas, data sources, and time periods. The system cuts out the noise and delivers accurate and medically relevant insights in concise form, supplementing each discovered insight with additional context. Insight-D™ organizes the discovered insights in interactive graphical dashboards with filtering capabilities, enabling hundreds of decision makers from different departments to quickly zero in on insights of vital importance for each of them.

Insight-D™ is already helping multibillion-dollar revenue pharmaceutical companies enhance effectiveness of their operation by turning data into a strategic resource that fuels informed and timely business decisions. The solution carries out automated non-biased monitoring of the time evolution of known topics, as well as early detection of previously unknown issues discovered in textual documents.

At the Bio-IT World 2023 conference, we invite you to attend the presentation on May 17th by Alice Chung, Senior Analytics Manager at Genentech, Inc., named “Harnessing Free Text Insights through the Power of NLP”. This presentation will discuss benefits of deploying an automated solution generating easy-to-comprehend insights, the solution implementation approach, and lessons learned along the way.

Megaputer will be demonstrating how Insight-D™ helps organizations extract valuable insights from textual medical data. In addition, we will showcase the use of the underlying analytical platform PolyAnalyst™ that enables Insight-D™ to perform accurate extraction of insights, trends, and emerging patterns from huge piles of communications with patients and doctors, call center transcripts, social media posts, research articles and clinical studies. You can try yourself using interactive graphical dashboards of Insight-D™ that turn the glut of data into succinct, actionable and easy-to-comprehend knowledge customized to specific needs of every user. We look forward to seeing you at the Megaputer booth (#826).

“Megaputer’s Insight-D™ is a powerful medically oriented NLP and AI solution that helps pharmaceutical and life sciences companies unlock the real value of their unstructured text data,” says Sergei Ananyan, CEO of Megaputer. “We are excited to demonstrate the capabilities of this innovative solution at the Bio-IT World 2023 Conference.”

Insight-D™ is the solution helping pharmaceutical companies discover valuable and actionable insights in piles of textual documents with the help of NLP and AI technologies.

PolyAnalyst™ is Megaputer’s low-code data science platform powering Insight-D™. With its advanced NLP, AI and machine learning algorithms, PolyAnalyst™ can extract key concepts, relationships, trends, emerging patterns and sentiments from unstructured text data. The system provides a constructor for organizing results of the analysis in interactive graphical reports easily customizable to the needs of individual customers.

Bio-IT World is the premier event for professionals in the life sciences and healthcare industries bringing together scientists, researchers, IT professionals, and business leaders to discuss the latest developments in data science, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies.

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