Cascadeo Announces LLM Breakthrough in AI-Assisted Cloud Operations Management

New functionality enabled with OpenAI™ API integration in the cloud operations management platform provides programmatic runbook recipe creation on-the-fly, even for events that have never been seen before, with incredible accuracy and precision.

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cascadeo, named to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services and an AWS Premier Tier Services partner, today announced the integration of OpenAI’s GPT LLM technology with, the company’s cloud management system. GPT is a Large Language Model (LLM) technology platform developed by OpenAI that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and the universe of data available on the Internet to answer questions and provide insights with unprecedented reasoning and synthesis capabilities. is a leading cloud management platform that provides customizable infrastructure and applications monitoring across public cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and on premises environments. The integration between OpenAI’s LLM and enables automated creation of runbook recipes for incident handling and response, builds a clear path to fully automated remediation capabilities and provides deeper sophistication in alerting. It provides AI-assisted criticality assessment, event validation, and actionable remediation steps when prompted with events, including events not seen historically.

“Generative AI, led by OpenAI’s GPT platform, is the most disruptive innovation of our lifetimes,” said Jared Reimer, founder and CTO at Cascadeo. “By integrating the platform for cloud management with AI, we have achieved the ability to create dynamic runbooks on-the-fly, saving enormous effort and accelerating incident response while ensuring consistent operator action even in cases where the event is unique and never before encountered.” with AI is available today to all Cascadeo managed services, professional services, and resale clients, providing much-needed real time response and stability across all types of IT architecture. Designed to work with clients’ existing cloud tools, the platform can be configured to work with a wide range of customer inputs and provide output to preferred channels, like Slack, email, or SMS. Alerting thresholds are automated to match system recommendations, but can be specifically fine-tuned to match business requirements and SLAs. Unlike competing platforms, Cascadeo provides this technology at no cost to both its clients and the broader community.

“The results have been absolutely astounding,” said Reimer. “Regardless of platform, vendor, or event source, the accuracy and insight of this integration is approaching or surpassing skilled human operator levels. The combination turbo-charges our platform and managed services operations, giving our customers incredible new value without any additional effort or expense.”

Outcomes of Version 1 feature fast, accurate responses that are easily implemented by operations staff for accelerated incident resolution. Informed by Cascadeo’s large pool of event data, with all responses subject to expert engineer review, accuracy and efficacy are expected to increase over time.

“We consider the union of and LLM technology to be a true revolution in how cloud and legacy infrastructure is monitored and managed,” said Reimer. “The bar has been raised, and the world of cloud infrastructure operations will never be the same. It is not an exaggeration to say that this technology is the defining invention of our times.”

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