Device42 Launches Sustainability Insights To Help Enterprises Address their Sustainability Efforts and the Unprecedented Data Center Energy Cost Crisis

Sustainability Insights Accelerates Consolidation of Energy Intensive Data Center Resources

BOSTON, May 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Device42, the most comprehensive agentless hybrid IT discovery, inventory and asset management solution, today launched their Sustainability Insights packaged solution with built-in analytics, AI based data enrichments and reporting. The Device42 software is designed to assist enterprises forced to consolidate data center footprints and accelerate IT modernization in the face of a projected 3x increase in energy costs for 2023 and pressure to reach their sustainability goals.

Current energy price inflation is occurring at rates unseen since the 1970s. Energy inflation in Europe increased from 15.4% in August 2021 to 38.3% in August 2022, a 149% increase. The cost to run data centers is projected to maintain this inflationary pace through 2023. This places enormous pressure on enterprises to optimize, consolidate, and reduce their data center footprints.* Additionally, organizations strive to become more sustainable and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The first of its kind, Device42 Sustainability Insights automatically connects the dots from applications, to physical servers, databases and other devices that consume power, and show the carbon emissions at the business level, application level, or physical location, allowing organizations to make sustainability decisions, with direct impact on business in the same view. The dashboards show all current and projected data center power consumption and carbon emissions calculations, identifying specific IT asset classes and functions that are excessive energy consumers.

“Gartner projects a 3x energy cost increase in 2023. This presents huge cost challenges for enterprise IT organizations worldwide,” said Raj Jalan, CEO of Device42. “Device42 is now able to arm Data Center managers with the visibility and data to confidently accelerate consolidation efforts, and drive down the cost of data centers, while accelerating their sustainability goals.” *

Added Jalan, “Early users of our Insights dashboards are reporting an average of 30% reduction in energy costs. This translates into many millions of dollars saved for our many large enterprise customers worldwide. We’re thrilled to now make this capability widely available.”

The Device42 Sustainability Insights capabilities include:

Dashboards and Visualization

  • Application, business unit, or location level energy consumption and carbon emissions visibility
  • Built-in IT intelligence reports that drive actionable insights
  • New workbench provides the ability to create custom views and analytics.

Business Building Blocks

  • New low-level objects can help aggregate data based on real business use-cases and model particular business functions.
  • Users can leverage the new visibility based on data that mimics current business operations.
  • Slice and dice data to create specific views, such as for compliance and audits.

Built-in Artificial Intelligence

  • Removes complexity and data discrepancies by using AI to enrich and categorize discovered data
  • Consistency in data improves cross-organizational communication.
  • Automation delivers increase IT operations efficiency with the most accurate and cleansed data

Analytics & Dependency Mapping

  • Fully automated interdependency mapping of application resources
  • Reliable visualization helps solve problems fast with upstream and downstream visibility
  • Users can quickly access fully automated dependency views.

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*Gartner: Gartner Report: “Now’s the Time: Capitalize on Disrupted Energy Markets to Drive Your Net-Zero Emissions Goals”

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