GoCharlie.ai Developing Revolutionary Multimodal AI Model for Marketing with SRI International

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#aiGoCharlie.ai (“GoCharlie”), a Goodwater and XRC Ventures portfolio company, is receiving investment from SRI Ventures, the corporate venture arm of SRI International (“SRI”).

As part of the investment, SRI is collaborating with GoCharlie to further develop CHARLIE the LLM into a multimodal AI model. This strategic collaboration builds on the exceptional work done by the GoCharlie.ai founding team that produced a 1B parameter model already on par or surpassing larger state of the art models like ChatGPT and GPT4.

Kostas Hatalis, founder and CEO, says, “We believe the future of AI will see use of domain specific models based upon the task and goal at hand. Charlie is intended to be the go-to AI for creating personalized content at scale. With the SRI collaboration, that intention becomes a reality. The teams are already hard at work to develop a revolutionary Multimodal AI model that will be transformative in the field of marketing.”

“Multimodal means processing, understanding and producing across different content mediums, like text and images,” says Brennan Woodruff, cofounder and COO of GoCharlie. “Charlie will have the ability to process and create text and images from a single model, allowing better results for our customer base. Clocking in at 1B parameters, Charlie drastically reduces the costs for our customers to adapt Charlie to their brand voice and businesses while tailoring content to each of their customers at scale.”

“With this strategic collaboration, we’ll be able to create an even more powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline the content creation process,” said Despoina Christou, Chief AI Scientist at GoCharlie.ai. “We’re excited to work with SRI to develop a Multimodal AI model that will exceed industry standards and set Charlie apart from the generalist solutions currently on the Market.”

“SRI has a rich history of creating leading edge AI technologies across a broad range of applications,” said Ryan Lewis, Partner at SRI Ventures. “This collaboration enables GoCharlie to leverage SRI’s recent research in generative AI, specifically multimodal generative models, in their product and offer consumers personalized marketing content that includes both text and images. We’re excited to work with and support GoCharlie on the expansion of their impressive product suite.”

The strategic collaboration between SRI and GoCharlie.ai is set to be a groundbreaking step towards revolutionizing the field of marketing by enabling businesses to generate hyperpersonalized top-quality content with minimal time, cost and effort.

For more information on GoCharlie.ai, please visit https://gocharlie.ai.


Brennan Woodruff

Email: Brennan@gocharlie.ai
Phone: 8124831402

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