NOVOS Debuts Longevity Product Line, Leveraging Breakthrough Scientific Discoveries to Slow Down the Pace of Aging

The company announces the appointment of its Head of R&D and establishment of a Medical Advisory Board to further enhance its solutions that address the 12 hallmark causes of aging

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NOVOS, a leading provider of longevity supplements designed to promote healthy aging and extend the human lifespan, today announces its official launch after the completion of a successful beta and introductory phase. After four years of rigorous testing and formulating, NOVOS is now unveiling its line of science-backed, patent-pending supplements for consumers that aim to slow down the pace of aging by targeting its root causes.

Founded by longevity expert Chris Mirabile, with the help of globally accredited longevity and aging scientists from Harvard Medical School, MIT, and the Salk Institute, NOVOS is the first company to provide solutions that simultaneously target the 12 hallmark causes of aging. The company has gone through multiple third-party research studies to assess the impact of its supplements on longevity and healthy aging. In in-vitro human cell studies, NOVOS supplements were shown to reduce DNA damage from irradiation by up to 77% and inhibit cellular senescence. 73% of human subjects from an in-vivo case study saw a decrease in their biological pace of aging after incorporating the supplements into their dietary routines, and 0% saw an acceleration.

The company’s three-pronged approach gives consumers access to biological testing, scientifically-tested formulas, and extensive educational content to surpass the life expectancy norm by improving their overall health. NOVOS’ longevity solutions include:

  • NOVOS Core: The patent-pending, foundational powdered formula features 6.9 grams of 12 active longevity ingredients (including Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Glycine and Fisetin) can be mixed into beverages and is the first and most studied formula that targets the 12 hallmarks of aging to promote longevity, appearance, cognition, and energy over time
  • NOVOS Boost: Made of high-purity, microcrystalline nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), the capsules feature a powerful longevity ingredient that can boost energy, metabolism, and DNA repair via NAD+
  • NOVOS Age: World-class epigenetic age tests, including a third generation (latest) test that measures the pace of epigenetic aging, as well as biological age, and telomere length to help users understand how their lifestyle changes impact their longevity

“The foundation of NOVOS was built to unlock access to resources that educate people about long-term health, the impact lifestyle habits have, and the solutions needed to maximize and push the boundaries of human longevity,” said Chris Mirabile, Founder & CEO of NOVOS. “After a tumultuous health journey in my teenage years, which forced me to start thinking about my mortality at a young age, I pivoted my priorities and dedicated my life to health, wellness, and biological research. I ultimately founded NOVOS to convert those key findings, push physiological boundaries, and provide information that will contribute to altering the concept of human aging.”

With the boom in interest around expanding the human lifespan, the longevity and anti-senescence industry is expected to reach $44 billion by 2030. While the cost of longevity solutions had previously been perceived as expensive and inaccessible, NOVOS offers a number of options that are either affordable or free, to demonstrate the accessibility of extending one’s life. In addition to its flagship supplements and epigenetic age tests, NOVOS’ Facial Age Test is a free, AI-powered facial age tool that measures one’s perceived age, and skin health markers, based on facial data collected from over 12 million people, and provides guidance for improving these results. As a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), NOVOS is committed to educating consumers about healthy living, regularly publishing Ph.D. and M.D.-authored articles about lifestyle choices that impact wellness, aging, and overall health.

As NOVOS looks ahead to developing new products to slow the pace of aging, the company has invested in key development and medical research areas to further support its mission to increase the human life expectancy far beyond what is already perceived. Recent company additions include the appointment of Diogo Barardo, Ph.D., previously of Professor Brian Kennedy’s National University of Singapore’s Center for Healthy Longevity, as Head of Research and Development to oversee formulations, scientific studies, and machine learning. NOVOS has established a Medical Advisory Board, in addition to its six-member Scientific Advisory Board, to further balance the scientific team with clinical medical experience. Dr. Robert Lufkin, Adjunct Clinical Professor of Radiology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC (former Professor of Radiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA) and author of over 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers and 14 books, is the founding member.

With these new leadership appointees, NOVOS will continue to expand its efforts of empowering people to live longer, healthier lives by translating the latest scientific advances into accessible products, and achievable solutions.

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NOVOS was founded in 2018 by antiaging and longevity expert Chris Mirabile with a team of esteemed longevity and aging scientists dedicated to unlocking access to knowledge and products that address the 12 hallmarks of aging. The company’s breakthrough product line and scientific developments have been linked to fostering healthy aging with evidence that it can contribute to improvements in human longevity through formulations, tests, and guidance. As a Public Benefit Corporation, NOVOS actively contributes to nonprofit organizations, such as the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) as well as accredited university labs that are catalyzing the uncovering of breakthrough discoveries in anti-senescence and longevity. The company also provides the latest insights and information about the aging process for free, uniting people to live longer, healthier, and more youthful lives.



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