Skillprint Launches an “AdaptivePlay” AI Platform in Private Beta that Dynamically Personalizes Games

Global game developers are invited to apply for early access to personalize player results, game recommendations, and gameplay

OAKLAND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Skillprint, a pioneer in personalizing games to match the personality, cognitive skills, and motivations of players, is announcing that its solution for the game industry, “AdaptivePlay,” is now in private beta for game developers. The AI platform is accessible via an API and SDK that provides personalized results for players surfacing their cognitive skills, personality, and performance in the game, resulting in increased engagement and user fulfillment. It also offers players personalized game recommendations that align with their cognitive skills, personality, and motivations. Finally, it enables game developers to dynamically personalize the game experience for each player real-time. Skillprint is currently accepting applications for the Private Beta of AdaptivePlay with a focus on mobile games in the near-term and plans to expand to other platforms in the future.

“With AdaptivePlay, developers can leverage their gameplay data to personalize gameplay and recommendations. We believe this will drive innovation in game design and increase player engagement and retention,” said Chethan Ramachandran, CEO of Skillprint. “At the same time, we’re also giving players insights into their minds – how they think and act, and how they might develop their talents to achieve their life goals including their desired mood, relationships, careers, and other pursuits.”

AdaptivePlay offers a differentiated approach by providing a real-time and automated way for game developers to optimize a player’s gameplay experience. By enabling game developers to truly personalize the game experience, the platform helps prevent players from getting frustrated, or bored by games that are not designed for their unique playstyle, and instead helps players have more fun and receive greater fulfillment.

Over time, AdaptivePlay will provide developers with the ability to balance the game’s difficulty, progression, rewards, and gameplay in real-time based on the player’s personality, behaviors, and abilities. By understanding the player’s gameplay data, the platform will ensure a personalized gaming experience for each player. It will also incorporate the player’s expressed intent or inferred goals to relax, focus, collaborate, explore, compete, or challenge themselves, and dynamically change the game to match their preferences.

Game developers interested in participating in the AdaptivePlay Private Beta can sign up by visiting Skillprint’s website:

About Skillprint

Skillprint is at the intersection of gaming and cognitive science and uses AI to reveal insights about a player’s talents, mindset, and personality traits. Its mission is to democratize access to insights that empower individuals and game developers to thrive.

Founded in 2019, Skillprint’s Insights are embedded in 40+ games which collect and analyze an average of 1,200+ events per player per game session and predict a player’s personality traits and cognitive skills and help them to achieve their desired mood. Combining neuroscience research, player gameplay data, and over 150+ game characteristics and ratings, Skillprint can vet games for their ability to assess and develop a player’s cognitive skills and personality traits, positively affect their mood, and help them to achieve their goals.

The company has raised $3.5 million in funding, backed by private investors and leading VCs in the gaming, mental wellness, and future of learning sectors. For more information, visit:


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