Cloudbrink debuts industry first “software appliance” for hybrid workplace security and performance

Bridge mode provides faster, lower cost alternative to network hardware appliances for critical applications

SAN FRANCISCO, June 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Secure edge connectivity provider Cloudbrink today launched the industry’s first software-only solution that replaces hardware based VPN and SD-WAN appliances for power users in the hybrid workplace.

The Cloudbrink app with bridge mode delivers 30 times the performance of small branch office and home routers while reducing cost of ownership by up to 75%.

The solution reduces IT operational overheads by eliminating the need for hardware rollouts and maintenance. Reducing the number of devices at users’ locations also minimizes security risks.

Bridge mode enables users who need secure, high-performance connectivity to daisy-chain multiple devices without resorting to dedicated hardware. It is aimed at software developers, financial traders, metaverse engineers and designers who need to connect multiple computers and other devices simultaneously.

Zayo offers the Cloudbrink service as part of its Edge Network Solutions portfolio.

Frank Cittadino, chief technology officer of Zayo, said: “Cloudbrink’s service already provides a significant value-add to our Edge Network Solutions with secure connectivity all the way to the application. Extending that capability across multiple devices at the hybrid workers’ location is critical in demanding use cases such as financial services and healthcare. Our clients can’t afford to compromise on security or performance, but they also need to reduce cost and complexity.”

The Cloudbrink app uses intelligent edge routing to minimize latency and increase usable bandwidth, improving effective performance of unreliable Wi-Fi and broadband connections by up to 30 times. Connections are secured using integrated rotational mTLS 1.3 with certificates refreshed every few hours.

In bridge mode, these performance and security benefits are available to all end-user connected devices for both data center apps and SaaS apps such as Zoom or Office 365.

Prakash Mana, chief executive of Cloudbrink said: “SD-WAN was revolutionary because it enabled low-cost internet services to replace expensive legacy MPLS and WAN connections but there’s still cumbersome hardware for end-users to manage.

“Cloudbrink with bridge mode eliminates all this hardware enabling customers to overcome supply-chain problems, reduce operational complexity, and most importantly improve security. It enables every device to share a high-performance ZTNA connection with moving target defense security without the need for multiple agents or additional hardware. It is significantly more secure, faster and dramatically cuts the cost of ownership.”

About Cloudbrink
Cloudbrink brings the industry’s first highest-performance connectivity to the modern hybrid workforce anywhere in the world. The company uses AI and ML to provide edge-native hybrid access as a service (HAaaS). HAaaS delivers accelerated performance for cloud, SaaS, and data center applications.

Cloudbrink’s software-only solution includes the world’s first personal SD-WAN with high-performance ZTNA and Moving Target Defence (MTD) security. With the ability to use thousands of dynamic PoPs called FAST edges, Cloudbrink provides an in-office experience with a 30x increase in application performance and reduced operational complexity for network, security and IT administrators.

Based in Sunnyvale, California, the Cloudbrink team has decades of combined expertise in last-mile network connectivity, security, and distributed systems.

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