Codenotary Launches Fully Managed Immutable Cloud Database

Immudb Vault provides cryptographic integrity verification for business-to-business secure data sharing

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#codenotaryimmudb, the only immutable enterprise-scale database with cryptographic verification, today announced the release of immudb Vault an enterprise-grade tamper-proof database cloud service that is built on top of the popular open-source database immudb.

“Immudb Vault has the potential to transform the way businesses store, share and access data securely with cryptographic verification of integrity,” said Dennis Zimmer, CTO and co-founder of Codenotary, the primary contributor to the immudb project. “Before immudb Vault, businesses sometimes resorted to using ledger technologies and blockchains to share data with their counterparties, resulting in slow performance, complexity, high cost, and regulatory headaches.”

As an append-only database, immudb Vault tracks all data changes – preserving a complete and verifiable data change history –so data can only be appended, but never modified or deleted, ensuring the integrity of the data and the change history.

With the immudb Vault cloud service, users can create an account and start streaming data in seconds – there is no need to install any software. Applications easily integrate with immudb Vault thru a REST-API and the industry-standard document model. This approach allows for the storage of both structured and semi-structured data and supports nested data structures, simplifying application development. The support of both key-value along with SQL makes it simple to use immudb in new and existing applications.

Transactional consistency and ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) semantics guarantee that transactions execute consistently and with full semantic coherence for end-to-end data reliability. Immudb Vault scales infinitely along with customers’ data growth.

Codenotary also announced the release of immudb version 1.5 which is at the core of the immudb Vault cloud offering. immudb 1.5 offers many new features and further performance improvements, among which are 60 times faster transactions compared to immudb 1.4 , JSON ingestion, and new data types support.

“immudb 1.5 now also features PostgreSQL PGaudit logging to facilitate PCI-DSS Requirement 10 and HIPAA compliance,” said Zimmer. “Being an immutable database, immudb already complies with the European Union GDPR standard, as well as with UK GDPR, and operates on a zero-trust model.”

With today’s launch, businesses and developers can use immudb Vault for free for up to 10,000 stored documents or 250 megabytes (MB). Paid plans are based on the number of transactions and storage quantity used, starting at $69 per month.

Immudb is used by many thousands of organizations world-wide to create solutions that require a zero-trust approach to their sensitive data. There have been more than 50 million downloads of immudb. immudb is open source and can be downloaded from

To start using immudb Vault, go to

About immudb and Codenotary

Codenotary is the primary contributor to the immudb project, which was started by the company in 2020. Codenotary specializes in trust and integrity providing end-to-end cryptographically verifiable tracking and provenance for all data, artifacts, actions, and dependencies. Codenotary brings easy to use trust and integrity into the software lifecycle using immudb to underpin its notarization and verification product for creating Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). For more information, go to


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