Crafted Exclusively for the North American Market, Lexus Celebrates the World Premiere of the All-New TX

TOKYO, Jun 9, 2023 – (JCN Newswire) – Lexus revealed the all-new TX at the exclusive world premiere in Austin, Texas USA on June 8, 2023 (local time.). The TX was developed exclusively for the North American market and was introduced as part of Lexus’ efforts to craft cars that meet the specific needs of diverse customers and regions around the world.

Lexus has remained committed to the spirit of innovation since its founding in 1989, continually striving to challenge the status quo and deliver new technologies and value to its customers. With their meticulously honed fundamental characteristics, the NX and LX were introduced in 2021 representing the dawn of the next-generation Lexus. In 2022, the RX and RZ were released showcasing their further refined electrification technologies. In 2023, Lexus unveiled the new LM, setting a new standard of luxury for chauffeur-driven cars. The new LBX came shortly after, defying conventional norms for compact cars and offering new value. The all-new GX was also launched as a genuine off-roader capable of providing new experiences by conquering any terrain, whether it be on or off-road.

The new TX is a dedicated model specifically crafted for the North American market, addressing the strong demand for a spacious 3-row SUV* that provides a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for families and loved ones. The interior cabin focuses on passenger comfort and offers a generous third-row seat that comfortably accommodates two adults. It also provides superior noise reduction as well as a spacious cargo area, ensuring ample storage space even when all seats are occupied. By utilizing the GA-K platform, the new TX incorporates the unique Lexus driving experience known as the “Lexus Driving Signature,” shared with other next-generation Lexus models such as the NX, LX, and RX. In addition to the 2.4L turbocharged gasoline engine, the powertrain lineup offers a range of options. One notable addition is the newly developed 3.5L V6 plug-in hybrid system, a first for Lexus, providing a luxurious driving experience with practical EV cruising range, linear acceleration, and exceptional refinement. Additionally, there is an exclusive “F SPORT PERFORMANCE” model equipped with a 2.4-liter turbo hybrid system, featuring a high-output rear motor and the DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system. This model caters to customers who wish to contribute to a carbon-neutral society, while still enjoying the exhilaration of driving. The design concept, which focuses on combining functionality and craftsmanship is called “PRACTICAL ELEGANCE”. It also features Lexus’ new front face, known as the “UNIFIED SPINDLE,” which comprehensively unifies the forward functional elements including aerodynamic performance. Furthermore, the inclusion of advanced preventive safety technologies, such as the “Lexus Safety System +,” not only enhances long-distance driving support but also significantly improves the overall comfort of the customer’s travel experience.

*Option to choose between 6-seater or 7-seater configuration

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