DEEPX Honored With the Gold Innovator Award 2023 From Vision System Design Magazine

  • DEEPX’s first-generation NPU IP, DX-GEN1, received the gold medal from Vision System Design’s Innovation Virtual 2023 award program.
  • DEEPX also opened its US subsidiary, DEEPX US, and celebrated by showcasing its technology at the Embedded Vision Summit

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DEEPX, an industry-leading artificial intelligence semiconductor technology company, today announced that the company has received Vision System Design Magazine’s Innovation Virtual 2023 Gold Medal. This recognition confirms that DEEPX’s Neural Processing Unit (NPU) IP, DX-GEN1, is one of the most innovative products in the field of machine vision this year. The prestigious award was announced at ‘The Automate Show 2023,’ held May 22, 2023, in Detroit, MI, USA.

As part of opening its US-based subsidiary, DEEPX US, the company also recently unveiled its physical products at the Embedded Vision Summit 2023 held in Santa Clara, CA, USA. DEEPX’s entire family of AI chips was developed using the company’s DX-GEN1 technology. Over 20 of these innovative AI technologies, including real-time demos based on these chips, were shown at DEEPX’s booth, leaving a lasting impression on numerous global company representatives, who praised DEEPX’s edge AI and machine learning technologies.

Upon winning the Innovation Virtual award, DEEPX has further solidified its reputation for ingenuity and innovation in the global market’s focal point of machine vision technology. In response to the award, DEEPX’s CEO, Lokwon Kim, expressed his gratitude stating, “I am honored to have received this recognition, which demonstrates DEEPX’s originality and innovation in the field of machine vision technology.”

DEEPX’s AI products are low-power, high-efficiency AI processors designed to achieve an IPS (Inferences Per Second) per watt that is a 10x performance improvement over standard GPU performance. DEEPX’s goal is to maintain a competitive edge in the core technologies necessary to apply GPU-level advanced AI capabilities to resource-constrained devices, thereby contributing to global leadership in the field.

DX-GEN1 highlights DEEPX’s leadership in the field of AI technology, including image classification, object detection, and scene segmentation. It offers scalability ranging from 2.4 TOPS for DX-L1 to 22 TOPS with 2K/4K/8K MAC combinations, supporting the latest AI algorithms. DEEPX’s NPU technology also boasts AI computational accuracy on par with, if not surpassing, GPUs. With optimized hardware and software design for edge devices, DEEPX provides the world’s top-performing embedded AI solution, offering high performance, low power consumption, and cost-effectiveness. Its exceptional power efficiency sets it apart from other products, ensuring superior performance efficiency for IoT devices.

In collaboration with its global customers, DEEPX is actively conducting validation work for mass production of all its products, including:

  • DX-L1, capable of processing video from a single camera using AI capabilities;
  • DX-L2, capable of simultaneously processing video information from three cameras;
  • DX-M1, designed for processing video from over ten cameras; and,
  • DX-H1, built for simultaneous processing of video from of more than ten thousand cameras.

These AI chips are expected to be implemented in various scenarios such as robotics, smart factory and smart camera (CCTV) applications.

Linda Wilson, the chief editor of VSD, praised DEEPX on receiving the Gold Medal at the 2023 VSD Innovation Awards. She emphasized the significance of this award, stating, “Each year this unbiased and increasingly competitive program aims to celebrate the most innovative products and systems in machine vision.” Wilson also said, “The Vision Systems Design team would like to congratulate DEEPX for their score in the 2023 Innovators Awards program. The DEEPX team should be very proud.”

Vision Systems Design (VSD), a leading journal in the US machine vision industry, annually awards the Innovators Awards to recognize innovative products and solutions in the field of machine vision. As a reputable source, VSD provides insights into the latest technologies, applications, and service trends in vision systems worldwide. The esteemed panel of judges for this award consists of experts from system integration (SI) companies and end-user enterprises. Evaluation criteria include originality, innovation, the use of cutting-edge technologies, benefits to designers, SIs, and end users, as well as productivity enhancements. Previous winners of this prestigious award include global machine vision companies such as Cognex, Keyence, and Sony Imaging.


As an industry leader in AI hardware technology, DEEPX is committed to meeting the demands of all industries seeking large-scale deployment of AI technology in the various applications including consumer electronics, edge devices, robotics, automotive, smart factories, and smart CCTV.


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