Meet GLO: The Most Powerful Enterprise Savings Tool on the Planet

Companies are now using GLO, Globality’s generative AI-powered bot, to manage billions of spend and achieve substantial savings and efficiencies

PALO ALTO, Calif. — June 5, 2023 — Globality, the market leader in AI-powered autonomous sourcing, today announced the launch of its next-generation bot, GLO. Powered by ground-breaking generative AI capabilities, GLO represents the latest advancement in intelligent conversational interfaces. This transformative technology-enabled bot efficiently manages an average company spend of $4 billion per customer, empowering workforces to make informed decisions around purchasing products and services and addressing the critical needs of cost reduction and productivity improvement.

As an AI-first company, Globality has dedicated years to developing advanced machine learning capabilities. Now, with the power of generative AI technology, GLO has been supercharged. When it comes to optimizing your company’s spend for maximum returns, GLO does the heavy lifting for you and serves as a highly knowledgeable, incredibly fast-learning, and talented virtual team member, seamlessly integrating intelligence into every step of the buying process.

Here are some key capabilities of GLO:

  • Engages in conversations with users and assists in answering procurement-related questions.
  • Guides users along the right buying path, considering various sourcing types and leveraging deep category expertise.
  • Streamlines the purchasing process by replacing the dreaded RFP and defining purchase requirements far faster and more precisely.
  • Identifies the most suitable suppliers, including diverse options, and provides valuable negotiation insights.
  • Enforces your company’s sourcing policies to ensure better governance.
  • Maintains institutionalized knowledge and applies acquired learnings consistently.

The Globality platform also facilitates seamless collaboration between your company’s employees and suppliers and centralizes all spend activities in one convenient location.

With GLO as your trusted companion, your workforce gains the ability to make well-informed decisions about how your company spends, allowing everyone to achieve more with less.

Leading enterprise companies across all industry sectors and in countries around the world are using GLO to optimize their indirect spend — which is typically around 20% to 40% of revenue — and are achieving cost savings of 10%–20% and efficiency gains of up to 70%. Globality customers have fallen in love with GLO’s ease of use and its value-creating impact.

Cyril Pourrat, BT’s Chief Procurement Officer and CEO of BT Sourced, added, “We aim to provide our people with a consumer-grade user interface that reduces the need for extensive training. With GLO using Generative AI, no one needs to be trained on how to make the absolute best decision when sourcing. The ease of use and intelligence has earned our team’s trust to place over £3bn annual spend on Globality’s platform, delivering substantial benefits to BT’s business and operations.”

Recent research indicates that 82% of procurement leaders at enterprise companies believe their company spend is not being managed effectively. But for those who use GLO, that is no longer the case. Globality’s customers are proving that launching GLO to automate indirect procurement is the fastest and most effective way to cut costs and reduce OPEX.

Joel Hyatt, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Globality, commented, “Companies can’t cut costs meaningfully while keeping their outdated buying processes. How a company spends is crucial to remaining competitive, driving growth, and fostering innovation. None of this is possible if the archaic purchasing process consumes everyone’s energy with minimal impact. GLO not only captures the hearts and minds of its users but also plays a strategic role in enabling intelligent buying decisions, reducing costs, and assuring optimal utilization of funds to drive growth and innovation.”

Witness GLO in action and see how it is capturing the hearts and minds of companies around the world!

About Globality:
Globality is the leader in autonomous sourcing and revolutionizes the buying process for large and midsize enterprises. Through its advanced generative AI-powered bot, GLO, the platform empowers companies to optimize their spend by creating precisely scoped requirements, identifying the most qualified suppliers, providing negotiation insights, and facilitating data-driven decisions. GLO is loved for its delightful experience, deep automation, and embedded intelligence. Globality’s enterprise customers are achieving 10%–20% cost savings, 70% efficiency gains, and 20x return on investment. For more information, visit or

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