MNTN Announces New Breakthrough Generative AI Video Editor

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MNTN, the Hardest Working Software in TV and a trailblazer in Performance TV advertising, today announced MNTN VIVA, an innovative video creative platform, set to launch later this year, that combines some of the best generative AI tools available with an intuitive editing environment made for marketers. Generative AI will bring about a new class of video creators regardless of skill level, while simultaneously making existing video professionals significantly more productive.

“I believe Creative AI will lead to an explosion of new video creation for marketers, with video professionals playing a big role,” said MNTN President and CEO Mark Douglas. “Generative AI will bring a new level of speed and lower cost to everything from script creation to storyboarding, to getting those seconds of video you wish you shot. You’ll see multiple versions of video in the time it takes to create one version now.”

MNTN VIVA brings leading AI platforms together into a single, intuitive interface where users can create, mix, and remix elements like generative video and audio, stock footage, and their own existing assets. If you can edit a video you created on your phone, you can edit a video with VIVA. It makes generative, stock, and their own video completely interchangeable.

Integrations and API calls with Generative platforms like OpenAI, SOUNDRAW, ElevenLabs, and others make it easy to create high-quality visuals, scripts, music, and voiceovers to assemble a creative concept. The VIVA platform is built to make future AI integrations seamless, ensuring marketers will always have access to the latest proprietary and open-source technologies to fuel their ad creation.

VIVA is the third addition to MNTN’s Creative-as-a-Subscription™ (CaaS) offering and joins Maximum Effort, known for its premium, attention-grabbing creative, and QuickFrame, a global marketplace of thousands of creators that brands tap for fast, cost-effective creative. VIVA will be accessible to any and all marketers, in hopes that it will inspire all types of creatives to unleash their imagination.

Those interested can sign up for the VIVA waitlist at to be among the first to access this groundbreaking platform when it launches later this year.


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