PubMatic and Telkomsel to Offer Enhanced Audience Targeting in Digital Advertising across Indonesia

SINGAPORE, June 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PubMatic, (Nasdaq: PUBM), an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, and Telkomsel, the largest mobile network operator in Indonesia, today announced a strategic partnership to provide data-driven digital advertising solutions for brands and agencies in Indonesia.

Through the partnership, Telkomsel will make audience segments based on mobile customer insights available to advertisers programmatically through Connect, PubMatic’s audience solution. Connect allows advertisers to engage audiences through privacy-compliant solutions that perform — without relying on third-party cookies or outdated strategies. Furthermore, applying valuable audience segments, such as those from Telkomsel, on the sell-side brings greater efficiency to advertisers’ campaigns.

Audience segments available programmatically through the partnership include a wide range of interest and intent based segments such as ‘Foodie, Gamer, E-commerce shopper,’ as well as segments based on purchase insights.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Telkomsel, a company that shares our vision for a more efficient and effective digital advertising ecosystem,” said Jason Barnes, Chief Revenue Officer, APAC at PubMatic. “With Telkomsel’s telco segments available through PubMatic’s Connect, advertisers will now have access to valuable insights about Indonesian consumers, enabling them to deliver more relevant and impactful advertising campaigns. Bringing audience targeting to the sell-side, via Connect, means buyers can gain greater control over how inventory and data are packaged and transacted to drive the best performance for their campaigns.”

“Telkomsel is committed to providing a better and more integrated digital advertising experience for our customers,” said Arief Pradetya, Vice President Digital Advertising and Financial Services at Telkomsel. “By making our customer telco insight data available to advertisers programmatically, we can help brands and agencies make more informed decisions and deliver more effective advertising campaigns.”

About PubMatic
PubMatic (Nasdaq: PUBM) is an independent technology company maximizing customer value by delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future. PubMatic’s sell-side platform empowers the world’s leading digital content creators across the open internet to control access to their inventory and increase monetization by enabling marketers to drive return on investment and reach addressable audiences across ad formats and devices. Since 2006, our infrastructure-driven approach has allowed for the efficient processing and utilization of data in real time. By delivering scalable and flexible programmatic innovation, we improve outcomes for our customers while championing a vibrant and transparent digital advertising supply chain.

About Telkomsel Enterprise (
Telkomsel Enterprise, a part of Telkomsel, is Indonesia’s largest technology-based digital solutions provider. Telkomsel Enterprise is a business partner to transform and accelerate the growth of tens of thousands of national and multinational businesses, including MSMEs and start-ups, through various superior solutions according to their needs. Supported by Telkomsel’s leading digital connectivity technology, big data & analytics from Telkomsel’s most expansive user base, as well as its inclusive and sustainable digital ecosystem, Telkomsel Enterprise presents various solutions for every unique need and challenge of business people, with a complete portfolio of services that can be customized, starting from connectivity services, advanced network services including private network, communication & collaboration solutions, consumer insight & engagement, digital advertising, cloud & apps, cybersecurity, IoT, and specific solutions for the MSME segment. To discuss your company’s business solution needs, optimize operations, increase productivity, and grow your business, please visit

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