Salipro Biotech Expands Global Intellectual Property Portfolio with Granted Patent in Japan

Salipro Japan Patent

Salipro Biotech Expands Global Intellectual Property Portfolio with Granted Patent in Japan
Salipro Biotech Expands Global Intellectual Property Portfolio with Granted Patent in Japan

Salipro Biotech obtains granted patent in Japan, protecting its proprietary Salipro® platform technology to enable the development of therapeutics against challenging drug targets, including GPCRs, SLCs and Ion Channels.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Salipro Biotech AB, a pioneering biotech company focusing on challenging drug targets for the discovery of next-generation therapeutics, is delighted to announce the issuance of a new patent in Japan for its Salipro® platform technology. The patent, entitled “Saposin lipoprotein particles and libraries from crude membranes,” (Japanese Patent No. 7149929) further strengthens Salipro Biotech’s leading position in the field of membrane protein research and drug discovery.

The award of this patent in Japan holds particular significance for Salipro Biotech as it solidifies the company’s collaborations with top pharmaceutical companies in the country. Salipro Biotech has already established multiple research programs with esteemed partners in Japan to advance drug discovery efforts in the region.

“This patent grant in Japan is an important addition to our global IP portfolio, which already includes granted patents in the U.S., EU, and China,” says Jens Frauenfeld, CEO of Salipro Biotech. “Our patented technologies are continuously implemented in our partnered drug discovery programs for challenging drug targets such as GPCRs, SLCs, and Ion Channels. This patent further strengthens our position as a key drug discovery platform holder for the development of next-generation therapeutics.”

The patent covers Salipro® particles and their use in drug discovery and membrane protein research, as well the company’s novel method of direct extraction of membrane proteins (DirectMX®) from cells or crude membranes to enable drug development for challenging drug targets, as well as the generation of Salipro® libraries representing the membrane proteome. By expanding the company’s intellectual property portfolio, this patent enhances Salipro Biotech’s value proposition for collaborations with pharmaceutical companies and its internal pipeline.

About Salipro Biotech
Salipro Biotech AB, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is a privately held biotech company committed to unlocking challenging drug targets for the development of next-generation therapeutics. With a fully owned intellectual property portfolio encompassing the Salipro® platform technology, the company has established multiple research collaborations with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide.

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