Trakwell Selects alwaysAI as Their Computer Vision Partner to Bring Innovative AI Solutions to Retailers, Like La-Z-Boy, Looking to Drive More Revenue

SAN DIEGO, June 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — alwaysAI, a computer vision platform leader, and Trakwell, a pioneer in customer analytics, have partnered to deliver innovative AI-driven computer vision solutions to retailers looking to drive more revenue with unprecedented real-time data.

Retailers need to understand what’s happening at every step of the customer journey – especially the moment they walk through the door. Understanding accurate customer counts, in real-time, is vital to the success of brick-and-mortar retailers across industries including home furnishing, footwear, restaurants, and more. Knowing how many people are in stores helps retailers optimize the customer experience and improve team performance at every opportunity.

alwaysAI’s expertise in computer vision and machine learning, together with Trakwell’s industry-leading performance analytics, is helping brick-and-mortar retailers satisfy customers and make more money.

“alwaysAI enables Trakwell to bring cutting-edge technology to the market faster,” says Jerry Murphey, President of Trakwell. “We’ve seen impressive results with the integration of alwaysAI Smart Retail solutions with cameras allowing us to provide more value to our customers.”

With real-time visual information, computer vision lets store managers accurately count customers who have entered the store and better utilize staff for an improved experience.

By integrating the alwaysAI computer vision platform, Trakwell is able to improve object detection, counting, and tracking to deliver accurate, immediate data about occupancy and team performance to clients like La-Z-Boy.

The addition of computer vision is the perfect complement to Trakwell’s impressive lineup of performance analytics like customer relationship management, sales reporting, and goal tracking. “After implementing Trakwell powered by the alwaysAI computer vision platform across several locations, La-Z-Boy observed an 81% reduction in false person detections caused by shadows, and a 49% reduction in duplicate person counts on average per month,” says Brad Parker, CEO of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries.

“alwaysAI is committed to driving incredible value to our partners and clients. We are excited to have an innovative partner like Trakwell who is embracing the growth of AI solutions to gain a competitive edge. We can’t wait to add additional capabilities that will drive even more value to Trakwell and their clients,” says Marty Beard, Co-Founder and CEO of alwaysAI.

About alwaysAI®
alwaysAI® provides world-class computer vision solutions that provide real-time, actionable data helping businesses across all industries improve their operations. We help you work smarter. For more information, schedule a meeting with an AI Expert.

About Trakwell
Trakwell enables retail businesses to turn essential information into meaningful action to dramatically improve operations and drive more revenue. With real-time visual insights and data,  retailers close more sales, maximize store efficiency, and retain successful customers for decades. Trakwell’s customers include Ashley Furniture, La-Z-Boy, Miskelly, Metro Mattress, The Good Feet Store, and more.

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