Unique Network Launches Revamped NFT Marketplace Offering Increased Utility to Creators

London, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – June 30, 2023) – Unique Network, an established parachain in the Polkadot Network, has launched its advanced NFT marketplace: Unique NFT Marketplace.

The decentralised NFT marketplace was developed to support self-custody, permissionless, and curated content while offering next-generation NFT utility tools to creators. The marketplace provides an immersive experience by enabling users to trade NFTs on Unique Network and Quartz Network seamlessly.

This is the next step in the NFT movement where a marketplace allows creators to add their own utility through features like nesting, re-fungibility, royalties and customised NFTs.

The Unique NFT marketplace offers advanced NFT integrations, NFT customisation, and creator royalties.

Anyone can create interconnected tokens of collections, while nesting functions deliver parent-child relationships between NFTs, ideal for games. Creators can personalise tokens using customizable NFTs opening doors to unique collections, customizable in-game items and immersive digital fashion experiences.

Unique has also launched Minting and an AI Art minting competition that will encourage creators to get started on their NFT journey – visit here for competition details.

Alex Mitrovitch, founder and CEO of Unique, also stresses the robust royalty system. “We believe it is important to support creator income across their NFT lifecycle in a fair and transparent process, regardless of where the NFTs reside.”

“Artists can leverage the marketplace to showcase and sell their art to a vast and diverse audience, breaking free from traditional limitations. With its intuitive interface and wide-reaching community, the Unique NFT Marketplace caters to the needs of both buyers and creators, fostering a vibrant and inclusive space for all,” he says.

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Unique Network’s CEO Alex Mitrovitch speaking about the new NFT marketplace

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Unique Network’s roadmap concentrates on three key objectives: scaling the platform, diversifying its offerings, and cultivating a thriving ecosystem.

Unique is seeking integrations and partnerships to solidify its position in the NFT space.

“By collaborating with established brands, influential artists, and blockchain technology providers, we strive to expand our reach, introduce exclusive opportunities for collectors, and bolster platform security and scalability.

“The new use cases of NFTs will be beyond art. However, they will need more power and tools in the hands of creators. Our soft launch of the marketplace is a step in the right direction. With the new marketplace we are giving nested NFTs , royalties and other possibilities in the hands of creators and as easy as 1-2-3 . This we believe will underpin the next generation if NFT use cases for creators,” says Mitrovich.

Get started with the Unique NFT Marketplace

  1. Add UNQ and/or QTZ tokens to a wallet to create NFTs.
    1. Buy UNQ on Huobi.
    2. Buy QTZ on MEXC.
  2. Visit the Unique Network Marketplace to find the basic functionalities needed.
  3. Create an NFT collection.
  4. Add NFT attributes to customise tokens, such as name, accessories, gender, background, and other defining traits.
  5. Once the traits have been defined, create the collection.
  6. Create an NFT in the collection.
  7. Set a price.
  8. Finally, list the NFT for sale.

Tutorial from Unique Network

Media Contact:
Charu Sethi, CMO of Unique Network

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