VBA Announces New Solution That Will Drastically Speed up Processing of Healthcare Claims

GERMANTOWN, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VBA, a leading technology company for healthcare payers, announced an innovation in its automated claims adjudication engine that will allow health plans to process claims with unparalleled speed without sacrificing accuracy.

During testing and quality assurance reviews, the new VBAdjudicate solution has successfully processed queues of 60,000 claims, which used to take hours, in just minutes. This new technology makes VBASoftware arguably the fastest claims processing solution on the market today.

“We are continually looking for ways to modernize our technology and reach higher levels of scalability, flexibility and workflow efficiency for our customers,” explained Rich Pierce, Chief Technology Officer for VBA. “Since the scalability involved is not linear, our new system’s future potential is practically unlimited.”

VBA has a longstanding partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its cloud-based technology partner. VBA leveraged AWS Lambda and other technology infrastructure to eliminate the need for dedicated servers, allowing for on-demand parallel processing. A recent case study with AWS highlights VBA’s capabilities and how VBA is disrupting the healthcare space.

For VBA’s customers, the new technology promises to deliver massively enhanced processing speed and practically infinite scalability. VBA’s health plan clients can expect to see major enhancements to their claims-processing workflows and an enhanced overall customer experience as VBA rolls out this new technology.

To learn more about VBA’s cloud-based technology solutions for healthcare payers, contact us at vbasales@vbasoftware.com or visit our website at vbasoftware.com.

About VBA

VBA is a leading-edge healthcare technology company providing an integrated suite of solutions for healthcare payers. Our secure, scalable solutions provide critical information in a timely manner, positively impacting member outcomes while reducing administrative costs. The healthcare system is complex, but with the functionality and interconnectivity of our solutions, VBA makes it simpler and more efficient for everyone. Learn more at vbasoftware.com.


Jessica Lockhart

EVP of Sales & Marketing


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