Visited App announcing new travel itinerary feature which will revolutionize travel planning

Visited, which started out as a simple travel map app, is now expanding to become a travel planning companion by allowing users to select places where they would like to visit in a convenient travel plan

TORONTO, June 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Visited announces a new feature which takes travel planning and itineraries to the next level. With so much of the world to see it’s hard to keep track of all the places, cities, and experiences you want to have around the world. Visited app tries to solve that, by introducing a unique way to plan.

Travelers can select from over 160 travel lists places that they want to visit based on their interest. Travel lists include items such as beaches, snorkelling, culinary experiences, beer destinations, castles, palaces, ancient sites, scenic drives, African safaris, national parks and many more to choose from.

Users can also scan through hundreds of photos to identify places that they may want to visit, of which they may have not known about.

Finally, travel is nothing but experiences. You can pick countries where you would like to go camping, biking, golf, spas and other experiences.

Once users have selected all the places and experiences they want to see; they can see it all sorted by country and based on the number of places and experiences they want to have in that country. This will help people make decisions on where to go and what they’ll be able to see much easier.

The travel itinerary feature will also allow users to keep all their travel bucket lists in one place without having the need to remember or guess.

About Visited App:

Visited App, started out as a travel map app, that allows users to map where they have been and wish to travel to by country, region/states and cities. Users can also see personal stats, such as how many countries you’ve visited, how far along their travels they are, and the top 10 countries to visit from their country.

The travel list feature allows you to check off famous places by interest. Examples of travel lists include ancient sites, world wonders, best beaches, train journeys, mountain ranges, theaters/opera houses and national parks to name a few. Travel lists are sorted by popularity, which allows users to discover most visited destinations based on their interest.

The new travel itinerary feature showcases the user’s Travel Bucket List which is displayed by country and sorted based on the number of places still left to see. The itinerary is filled out based on travel lists and the user’s interest, by scrolling through hundreds of inspirations travel and selecting experiences you wish to have.

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To download the app for free, you can find Visited on iOS and Android.

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