Within3 and Reuters Health Announce State of Medical Affairs Insights Management Survey Results

65% say lack of insights endanger product launches, and 91% of medical affairs teams fail to use most of the data they collect to generate insights

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Within3 today announced the results of a comprehensive survey of medical affairs professionals across pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations.

Across all survey participants, no single way of approaching data collection and insights generation emerged, representing a significant gap in the practical application in decision-based processes.

The survey of managers to C-level medical affairs professionals focused on how teams are capturing, analyzing, and communicating insights to help their organization take action or guide strategic direction. Conducted in partnership with Reuters Health, the survey results overwhelmingly highlight the importance of incorporating patient perspectives into medical affairs strategies.

Other key findings include:

  • 79% indicated they use less than 50% of the data they collect to generate insights.
  • 61% use technology to collect data for generating insights, though just 8% say the process is highly automated.
  • Approximately 76% of medical affairs leaders stated that their current methods of sharing and storing data and insights lead to the creation of internal silos in their organizations.
  • 81% expressed that all relevant stakeholders fail to adequately inform their insights and decisions. Within this group, 78% emphasized the need for more insights derived from patients.

“These pain points underscore the urgent need for an end-to-end insights management solution that eliminates internal obstacles to information sharing, facilitates holistic stakeholder participation, and supports the primary objective of developing groundbreaking treatments that transform patients’ lives,” said Lance Hill, Within3 CEO. “Medical affairs leaders are increasingly tasked with setting the standard for insights generation, and nearly 90% of respondents agreed that demonstrating value to the broader organization is a priority for the coming year, emphasizing the timeliness and importance of modernizing insights management practices.”

Survey responses underscore the growing role of medical affairs within the broader pharma organization, as well as medical affairs’ reliance on insights. “Insights are only as good as a team’s ability to process and use them to inform and refine strategy,” said Michael Kahn, Senior Director and Medical Affairs Operations Leader with Spark Therapeutics. “Medical affairs teams that build clear, impactful reports, create or leverage existing cross-functional environments to drill down into insights in depth, and continually refine key scientific insight questions, will have the upper hand in competitive scenarios.”

The Within3 Insights Management Platform enables multi-channel insights gathering for life sciences companies, including online discussions with key stakeholders, social monitoring that tracks expert online conversations around disease communities, and field team observation management. Within3’s AI and reporting tools capture trends and consolidate all generated insights. The platform’s asynchronous communication capabilities ensure that participant conversations continue across geographies and time zones, facilitated by in-conversation translation of more than 100 languages.

To learn more, download the survey data report, and register for the June 14, 10:00 am Eastern webinar.


Within3 is the world leader in life science insights management. Our insights management platform empowers you to understand your market and its key influencers better, gain diverse insights through better stakeholder engagement, and obtain answers more quickly through faster analysis. The insights management platform lets you collaborate anywhere, anytime, in nearly any language. It reveals the influencers and relationships within your disease community through powerful network analytics. And it uses the power of artificial intelligence to unlock trends and sentiments from field team interactions. To learn more about the insights management platform or to request a demo, visit www.within3.com.



Marla Kertzman


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