ASAPP Launches GenerativeAgent to Automate the Majority of Contact Center Interactions

Purpose-built generative AI product to automate half of the conversations currently handled by human agents

NEW YORK, July 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ASAPP, the Generative AI company for contact centers, today introduced GenerativeAgent, a product providing next-generation IVR and digital experiences. ASAPP’s investment in generative AI allows companies to handle complex, free-form, interactions that couldn’t be automated with prior technology. GenerativeAgent integrates natively into existing IVR, messaging, and telephony systems.

“People dislike interacting with robotic and clunky automated experiences. For decades, companies have had to manually create and manage complex logic trees to attempt to automate dialogues that often create frustrating customer experiences. Our new GenerativeAgent removes all of the conversation design effort, while simultaneously providing a much more robust and delightful system for customers,” said Gustavo Sapoznik, Founder and CEO of ASAPP.

What’s unique and differentiated about GenerativeAgent is its ability to integrate with existing backend systems to fully automate interactions. The product autonomously knows which backend system to ping during a conversation with a customer, removing the need to manually integrate and configure the relevant API calls. Existing LLM approaches generally pull information from FAQ-style knowledge bases, but this is the first time a system has been built to fully automate the function of an agent, including the interaction with backend systems. ASAPP’s GenerativeAgent grounds the responses in APIs easily and safely, enabling the system to execute actions and provide useful information – not hallucinations – to customers.

GenerativeAgent approaches human performance across a number of critical user experience factors in real conversations, preserving a consistent user experience and keeping the conversation on track.

GenerativeAgent can be plugged into existing IVRs as an escalation path between the current IVR flows and agents, or can handle the full end-to-end IVR. GenerativeAgent builds on top of ASAPP’s world-class AutoTranscribe, leveraging state-of-the-art ASR accuracy and latency, ensuring customers are understood and key entities are recognized.

GenerativeAgent is in private beta with select customers. To learn more, visit

ASAPP is a research-based artificial intelligence cloud provider committed to solving how enterprises and their customers engage. Inspired by large, complex, and data-rich problems, ASAPP builds state-of-the-art generative AI technology covering all contact center parts. Leading businesses rely on ASAPP’s AI Cloud applications and services to multiply Agent productivity, operationalize real-time intelligence, and delight every customer. To learn more about ASAPP innovations, visit

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