Beyond Orbit Launches HyperPixel: Revolutionizing Digital Marketing by Transforming Anonymous Traffic into Actionable Qualified Leads

Mesa, Arizona–(Newsfile Corp. – July 12, 2023) – Beyond Orbit, a pioneering marketing tech company, has officially announced the launch of their groundbreaking product, HyperPixel. The software is poised to dramatically transform digital marketing strategies, enabling businesses to convert anonymous traffic into quality leads, lower CPA, and increase sales.

HyperPixel, the brainchild of Beyond Orbit, uses advanced tracking technologies to de-anonymize website traffic. It empowers businesses to understand their visitors on a deeper level, effectively turning them into potential leads and customers. This transformative approach allows businesses to gain valuable insights into their website traffic, leverage existing traffic for increased lead generation, and directly contact potential customers.

“HyperPixel is a game-changer,” says Shawn Bure, CEO of Beyond Orbit. “It’s a solution to a problem that many businesses don’t even realize they have. Most online traffic remains anonymous, leaving a significant amount of potential sales on the table. HyperPixel brings these missed opportunities into the light, offering businesses a chance to revolutionize their digital marketing strategies and dramatically increase their conversions.”

The software boasts six key features that each contribute to its innovative approach to digital marketing. These features include HyperPixel Pinnacle Profile, HyperPixel Beacon, HyperPixel PrecisionPoint, HyperPixel SynchroLink, HyperPixel Quantum Quickstart, and HyperPixel LeadLeverage.

The HyperPixel Pinnacle Profile creates detailed user profiles using billions of real-time data points, tracking online behaviors to form a comprehensive understanding of each visitor. HyperPixel Beacon illuminates the path your website visitors take, capturing real-time data about your site’s interactions.

HyperPixel PrecisionPoint lets businesses identify and reach their exact target audience, making precise, pinpoint connections with potential customers. HyperPixel SynchroLink seamlessly syncs HyperPixel’s data with over 1,100 platforms, including CRM and ad platforms, offering complete visibility and control of audience data.

The HyperPixel Quantum Quickstart represents the speedy and easy installation process of HyperPixel, allowing businesses to hit the ground running. Finally, HyperPixel LeadLeverage boosts lead generation and conversion rates, turning the dial up on lead generation efforts and maximizing every visitor’s potential.

Early adopters of HyperPixel have reported up to a 10x increase in lead generation, lower CPAs, and a boost in overall sales. Businesses are finding that they can leverage their existing traffic for higher conversions, which leads to more sales and increased profits.

“The potential for HyperPixel is endless,” Bure adds. “We are thrilled to offer a tool that not only streamlines digital marketing processes but also drastically improves businesses’ bottom line. HyperPixel is set to revolutionize the digital marketing landscape, and we’re just getting started.”

HyperPixel is now available and ready to transform how businesses approach their digital marketing strategies. To learn more about HyperPixel and how it can revolutionize your business, visit

About Beyond Orbit:

Beyond Orbit is a marketing technology company committed to creating innovative solutions that disrupt traditional marketing methods. Founded by Shawn Bure, the company prides itself on pushing the boundaries of digital marketing technology. With HyperPixel, Beyond Orbit continues to uphold its reputation as a leader in innovative tech solutions.

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Beyond Orbit
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