BlueSteel Cybersecurity Provides Risk Assessments for Key Industries Including Healthcare, Government Services, Fintech, Research, and Education

The cybersecurity firm is offering specialized risk assessments to help organizations in these crucial sectors protect their digital assets

BALTIMORE, July 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the increasing digitization across all sectors, data security has emerged as a top priority. Responding to this urgent need, BlueSteel Cybersecurity, a leading cybersecurity consulting firm and risk assessment company and penetration testing, announced today its initiative to provide comprehensive risk assessments to organizations in Healthcare, Government Services, Fintech, Research, and Education sectors.

These key sectors can now request a thorough risk assessment, designed to evaluate their network, applications, and digital infrastructure for potential vulnerabilities. Unlike a routine security check, these risk assessments provide deep insights into where their technology might be vulnerable, allowing for more proactive security measures.

BlueSteel Cybersecurity will identify the least probable entry points that could be exploited to compromise data integrity. A detailed risk assessment report will then provide the necessary information to help IT teams implement controls to mitigate risks before any potential attacks. All assessments are conducted by certified cybersecurity consultants.

“Our risk assessments are comprehensive, we examine the external network, applications, internal processes, and even social engineering aspects,” said Ali Allage, CEO at BlueSteel Cybersecurity. “Given the critical services these sectors provide, it is of paramount importance that their digital assets are secured against all forms of cyber threats. We are committed to empowering these organizations to continue their valuable work with the highest level of data security.”

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BlueSteel Cybersecurity is a leading cybersecurity consulting firm and risk assessment company based in Baltimore, Maryland, serving clients nationwide. The company offers a suite of cybersecurity solutions designed to meet diverse security needs, including cybersecurity risk assessments, virtual CISO services, cybersecurity consulting, network security monitoring, and privacy services.

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