McClintock and Amfora Form Strategic Collaboration to Leverage AI to Improve Protein Content of Soy

SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Artificial intelligence and machine learning innovator McClintock LLC has entered into a collaboration with the biotechnology company Amfora to improve the development of Amfora’s high-yielding, ultra-high protein soybean varieties.

Amfora is building a platform of technologies that uses gene editing to enhance the nutritional density of food and feed crops. The company is applying these technologies to develop a pipeline of products aimed at meeting the growing global demand for foods that are high in protein while enhancing sustainability. The company is initially focused on developing soy as a scalable, low-cost, high-density protein source for plant-based replacements of animal protein.

By combining its advanced soybean phenotyping tools with McClintock’s AI and machine learning breeding solutions, Amfora aims to accelerate and optimize its breeding efforts to increase soybean productivity and protein content.

“By applying our advanced technology to Amfora’s data, we are helping unlock the full potential of genetic diversity, shorten breeding cycles, and develop improved crop varieties with enhanced traits,” said Avi Kaler, Chief Technology Officer of McClintock. “Together, we are working to develop soybean varieties that not only provide high yields but also meet the increasing demand for protein-rich crops in a sustainable manner.”

Under the collaboration, McClintock will use its state-of-the-art AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze and advance Amfora’s germplasm collection. By extracting insights from Amfora’s data, McClintock will help identify key genetic markers and traits associated with high-yield and ultra-high protein content. This data-driven approach will allow Amfora’s breeders to make informed decisions, significantly reducing the time and resources required to develop new soybean varieties.

The companies did not disclose financial terms of the agreement.

“By leveraging McClintock’s AI platform to advance our soybean breeding program, we will accelerate our efforts to develop soy as a scalable, low-cost, high-density protein source for plant-based replacements of animal protein,” said Dr. Michael Lassner, Chief Scientific Officer, Amfora. “Our protein-rich crops will enable the manufacturers of plant-based meat, dairy, and seafood to meet the growing consumer demand for their products at lower costs while allowing them to take meaningful steps to address the climate crisis.”

About McClintock
McClintock LLC is a leading provider of AI and machine learning solutions for plant breeding. With a focus on data analytics and predictive modeling McClintock guides plant breeding efforts in making data-driven decisions to enhance trait performance.

About Amfora
Amfora is a biotechnology company that is harnessing biology to sustainably nourish the world’s population and enhancing wellness. Amfora’s mission is to meet the growing global demand for foods that are high in protein by enhancing the nutritional density of food and feed crops, while reducing the cost of food and the environmental toll on the planet. More information can be found at

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