NeaChat Launches GPT-4-Based Personalized Healthy Eating Assistant “What to Eat?”

Hong Kong, China–(Newsfile Corp. – July 11, 2023) – Recently, NeaChat has officially launched a new product, “What to Eat?”, offering users personalized, tailor-made diet plans. “What to Eat?” offers a personalized health and diet assistant, utilizing advanced artificial intelligence technology and the GPT-4 language model to design customized diet plans for each user based on personal information, activity level, dietary goals, health status, and special requirements. Whether users are crafting individual plans or managing the dietary health of a family, “What to Eat?” caters to the users’ needs and helps achieve personalized dietary goals.

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“What to Eat?” features and capabilities include:

  • Personal Information-Based Customization: Users need only to provide basic personal information, such as age, sex, height, and weight, and NeaChat will use this information to customize a healthy diet plan. Whether users are aiming to maintain health, lose weight, or build muscle, NeaChat can develop an appropriate diet plan to achieve goals.
  •  Activity Level Consideration: NeaChat’s diet plan also considers the user’s activity level. Users with less activity, such as bank tellers, will receive an energy intake and nutrition match that suits them. For users with higher activity levels, such as fitness trainers, the plan will provide more energy and protein to meet their needs.
  • Flexible Response to Dietary Preferences: NeaChat’s diet plan fully considers the user’s dietary preferences. Regardless of food preferences or allergies to certain food, the plan will flexibly adjust according to preferences and needs, ensuring a delicious and healthy dietary experience.
  • Special Requirements Attention: For users with special health conditions and needs, such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, or those suffering from hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc., NeaChat’s diet plan will provide appropriate dietary suggestions and contraindications based on their special needs, ensuring they have safe and rational dietary schemes.

Personalized settings make it even easier to customize a diet plan:

  • Users can choose to customize one meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or choose a day’s diet plan that includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Users can choose to cook, enjoy the fun of DIY, or choose to order from a restaurant and easily taste all kinds of delicious food.
  • Users can also set the budget range for the diet plan according to a budget to meet financial needs.

“What to Eat?” aims to provide users with personalized, scientifically reasonable diet plans to promote a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition. Through NeaChat’s intelligent conversation function, users can easily obtain their own nutrition meal customization scheme, improve the quality of life and health status.

As an innovative application of NeaChat’s intelligent conversation program, the launch of “What to Eat?” further enriches NeaChat’s features and application areas. In addition to the education industry, NeaChat will continue to explore more application scenarios, providing more comprehensive and convenient intelligent conversation services for different industries and people.

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NeaChat is a cutting-edge AI chat application, developed based on GPT-4 and designed to meet various communication needs in daily life and work. With advanced natural language processing technology and multi-language support, NeaChat can easily handle complex conversation scenarios, allowing users to interact smoothly with the virtual assistant. Whether users are seeking real-time translation, obtaining practical information, needing assistance answering questions, managing schedules, NeaChat can provide users with an excellent user experience and convenient solutions.

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