Optoro Unveils Latest Returns Solution for Retailers: Home Pick-ups

Returns management software provider adds Home Pick-ups to its Express Returns solution — enabling retailers to offer a range of ultra-convenient return channels for shoppers

WASHINGTON, July 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Optoro, Inc., the leading technology platform for retail returns, today unveiled its latest offering: Home Pick-ups. Retailers using Optoro’s returns management software will now be able to offer the ultra-convenient option to shoppers: box-less, label-less returns without leaving their homes.

Shoppers can use Home Pick-ups when returning purchases with select retailers that use Optoro’s returns management platform. Home Pick-ups first launched in New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., and will be expanding to over 40 cities nationwide by the end of the summer. Optoro’s proprietary technology integrates with third-party pick up providers to serve various markets across the country.

“Online shopping has become an everyday necessity. You can order something online, and it arrives the next day on your doorstep. Why can’t the same be true with returns?” said Amena Ali, chief executive officer of Optoro. “Home Pick-ups brings that same online convenience and delightful experience to shoppers everywhere, while at the same time helping to streamline and consolidate reverse logistics for the retailer. With offerings like Home Pick-ups, retailers can rethink returns from the traditional cost-center mentality, as a way to drive customer loyalty, growth and even improve profitability.”

Home Pick-ups helps retailers and brands decrease time to restock and saves 15%+ on shipping costs through consolidation and fewer touches. As retailers seek to balance the cost-and-convenience scale with returns, data from Optoro’s Express Returns program shows shoppers who have used the service can have up to an 89% reuse rate with high CSAT scores. Additionally, Express Returns improves processing speed by directly connecting return and pick up data to the warehouse, and by returning inventory faster to stock, keeps returns out of landfills too.

“Home Pick-ups offer the ultimate convenience to shoppers, making it easy for them to make returns around their busy lives and schedules,” said Emily Grayson at Tuckernuck, an apparel retailer offering Home Pick-ups to customers in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and New York. “At the same time, Optoro’s returns platform has transformed our returns process to delight customers (90% CSAT scores, or higher) and get 99% of our returned merchandise back to available-to-sell inventory fast. The impact is clear to us: smart returns are good business.”

To schedule a Home Pick-up, shoppers simply start a return through a retailer’s online returns portal and select exchange or refund. If Home Pick-ups are available, shoppers can schedule a time for pick up, at either their doorstep or handoff, without the need to box the item or print return labels. Shoppers then receive email or text updates, and are notified when the pick up associate has arrived.

Home Pick-ups is the latest addition to Optoro’s all-in-one returns platform which has processed more than 125 million returns. Optoro is the only solution in the market that spans the entire returns lifecycle from return initiation, to restock, and resale channels. Leading retailers, brands and third-party logistics (3PL) providers have chosen Optoro’s platform to minimize costs and enhance the customer experience with returns.

About Optoro
Optoro is the leading provider of returns technology for retailers and brands, using data science and real-time decision-making automation to make returns better for customers, retailers, and the planet. From an easy online customer returns portal, to warehouse processing and resale software, we offer powerful solutions to improve outcomes across all points in the returns process. Leading retailers and brands – including Gap Inc., American Eagle, Best Buy, Staples, and IKEA – trust Optoro’s technology to make returns a strategic advantage for their business and enable sustainability initiatives across their supply chain. Learn more about Optoro’s solutions at www.optoro.com.

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