Powur Expands its Platform Offering with SPAN Smart Electrical Panel

The partnership with SPAN enables Powur to provide greater energy freedom and cost savings

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Powur PBC, a platform-based company simplifying the path to clean energy, announced it is adding the smart electrical panel (SPAN® Panel) and EV charger (SPAN Drive™) from SPAN, the leading innovator in home electrification technology, to its extensive portfolio of high-quality and innovative clean energy products available on its platform. This partnership further advances Powur’s goal of providing the public with diverse clean energy solutions, including products and financing options, to help people upgrade to a customized smart energy home and achieve energy independence. By partnering with Powur, SPAN gains access to the largest national residential solar sales network to help more people reduce their energy costs.

“Powur is passionate about enabling everyone to benefit from the clean energy revolution – sellers, installers, product partners, and the public. Our ever-expanding and revolutionary platform is designed to bring all of us together to disrupt the out-dated energy industry,” stated Jonathan Budd, CEO of Powur. “By partnering with SPAN, Powur is adding innovative new technology to our platform that empowers people to electrify their homes and manage energy like never before, achieving a new level of energy freedom.”

SPAN revolutionized the hundred-year-old electrical panel with its award-winning SPAN Panel, providing circuit-level management, real-time monitoring, and actionable insights through its SPAN Home® app. SPAN Panel enhances the value of various clean energy products offered by Powur, giving people greater control and insight into their home’s energy system. In addition, Powur is offering SPAN Drive, a level-2 EV charger that integrates intelligently with the home energy system. When paired with battery backup, SPAN Panel and its backup priority feature enables homeowners to easily select which circuits stay on during a power outage, allowing battery duration to extend by an average of 40% (based on an internal study involving over 1,000 simulated outage situations). SPAN Panel can eliminate the need for a utility service upgrade, a potentially costly and difficult process. Product and installation costs may qualify for the 30% Residential Clean Energy Credit when installed with solar or a battery.

“We’re pleased to partner with Powur to expand SPAN’s reach in homes across the country,” stated Arch Rao, Founder and CEO of SPAN. “SPAN’s products will enhance the performance of rooftop solar and home batteries for Powur’s existing customers, and provide a more seamless experience for new customers looking to install clean energy in their home and save on their energy bills. For new customers in California on NEM 3.0, Powur with SPAN provides customers with a leading home storage experience and the ability to improve monthly savings when installing solar.”

As the 43rd fastest-growing private company in America (Inc. 5000) and the fastest-growing national residential solar company, Powur is consistently expanding its platform by adding new technology and services, installers, and sellers to its platform. Powur’s platform business model enables it to quickly and easily add new technologies while limiting risk and cost. By providing first-rate, cutting-edge clean energy products, like the SPAN panel and EV charger, Powur is helping people have more control of their energy with full-house customized clean energy solutions. The addition of SPAN to its platform is part of the company’s broader vision of offering a full suite of smart home products

Powur PBC

Founded in 2014, California-based Powur PBC is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of solar energy worldwide. As the first 100% virtual, residential solar company in the cloud, Powur operates an innovative platform model, enabling it to scale quickly and meet the demands of an ever-expanding solar landscape. The company’s model ensures that Powur is able to provide affordable and customized solar solutions to homeowners while empowering its network of thousands of independent sales professionals and regionally specialized installation partners. For more information on the company, visit powur.com.


SPAN reinvented the 100-year-old electrical panel and is developing products that enable electrification and simplify the adoption of clean energy including solar, batteries, and electric vehicles. SPAN Panel gives customers circuit-level management, real-time monitoring, and actionable energy insights through the SPAN Home app’s intuitive interface. Designed with hardware innovation and purpose-built with intelligent software, SPAN Panel and SPAN Drive electric vehicle charger are an efficient and integrated solution for any home. Backed by leading investors in the clean energy space, SPAN aims to decarbonize by building products that remove barriers to electrification while providing a holistic approach to managing increasing demands on household energy. To learn more, visit www.span.io.



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