Pythian Announces Generative AI Strategy and Offerings to Accelerate Enterprise Innovation

By leveraging their data estate, enterprises can use artificial intelligence to bridge the gap between creativity and technical solutions

MINNEAPOLIS, July 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pythian Services Inc. (“Pythian“), a leading data, analytics, and cloud services company, today announced its strategic position on leveraging generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to drive rapid innovation and transformation in the enterprise. By providing cost effective GenAI discovery, proof of concept, and production offerings in concert with its existing data services, Pythian is enabling companies to utilize GenAI effectively. The Pythian framework helps businesses maximize the power of their data estate and glean high-speed insights and solutions across the entire enterprise.

“Consumer GenAI is top of mind right now, rapidly fueling creativity and innovation,” said Keith Angell, CEO at Pythian, “but the enterprise application of AI has a completely new set of requirements and risks. To achieve the benefits—task automation, personalization, enhanced customer interactions, deeper employee engagement and more, businesses face many hurdles. These include a lack of expertise, accessible data, data privacy and security issues, and regulatory considerations. Pythian’s strategic offerings assist businesses in overcoming these obstacles and realizing value from AI faster.”

Pythian’s certified expertise in AI and machine learning (ML) make it well-positioned to help enterprises use AI of all types—generative, predictive, cognitive, natural language, etc.—to productize with creative technical solutions. Closing this gap allows organizations to implement automation and rapidly create content, improve customer and employee interactions, and ultimately enhance enterprise competitiveness.

“Enterprise maturity plays a critical role in the successful implementation of GenAI,” said Paul Lewis, CTO at Pythian. “It’s not just about having the right technology; you must build a strong data and analytics ecosystem supporting its dramatic advancement and internal adoption. Adherence to regulatory compliance and robust security are essential to ensure alignment with data protection, zero-trust, and privacy by design.”

To illustrate this framework in action, Pythian recently built and deployed an AI chatbot for a global media company. During production seasons, this media business adds many international team members to its creative, filming, editing, and logistics departments. This increase in new staff triggered an increase in IT support requests, resulting in delayed support team members’ response times. The deployed chatbot was trained with an extensive support knowledge base, enabling the media company to automate responses to more than half of frequently asked support questions. As a result, field teams could move forward with production more quickly and delayed response times were corrected.

Pythian is a driving force behind AI and ML adoption, helping businesses use their data to gain a competitive edge in the digital age. To learn more about Pythian’s GenAI prerequisites and begin your transformative journey, please visit our data science, visualization, management, security, strategy, and governance service offering pages. 

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