Regology Introduces RegIntel to Transform Regulatory Compliance with Generative AI

RegIntel Provides Regulatory Compliance Professionals with a Free Solution to Streamline Their Daily Operations

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#generativeAIRegology, the leading regulatory intelligence platform, today announced the launch of RegIntel, a generative AI solution built for regulatory compliance. Powered by a state-of-the-art large language model, RegIntel represents a transformative solution for the regulatory compliance function, enabling users to navigate complex legal requirements in a streamlined and efficient manner.

RegIntel is built on top of Regology’s proprietary, real-time database of more than 15 million laws and regulations. It empowers regulatory attorneys and compliance professionals with the tools to efficiently identify, interpret, and integrate relevant regulatory compliance requirements. With RegIntel, users will be able to draft compliance policies and controls, and seamlessly answer compliance questions. The advanced generative AI, built within RegIntel, refines regulatory compliance workflows significantly reducing the time previously spent on the labor-intensive tasks of searching, classifying, and incorporating relevant content.

“RegIntel is a game-changer for regulatory compliance professionals,” said Mukund Goenka, co-founder and CEO of Regology. “With our innovative AI solution, we’re helping businesses of all sizes navigate the challenging regulatory landscape more efficiently and effectively. RegIntel is set to revolutionize the way compliance professionals operate.”

Key benefits of RegIntel include:

  • Saving Thousands of Hours: RegIntel’s advanced AI capabilities will enable users to discover, organize, and summarize all applicable laws and regulations within minutes—a task that previously took months to complete.
  • Simplifying Complex Requirements: By synthesizing complex requirements and stating them in natural language, RegIntel empowers users to easily understand their compliance needs, exemptions, and penalties.
  • Reliable and Citable Summaries: Built on top of Regology’s database, RegIntel provides reliable, up-to-date, and citable information, enabling significantly higher levels of accuracy and completeness than comparable products.

“We have successfully addressed the shortcomings present in other LLMs with RegIntel. By incorporating citations, resolving copyright concerns, and tackling privacy issues, our model effectively reduces so-called ‘hallucinations’,” explained Pavan Bayyapu, co-founder and CTO of Regology. “We are excited to integrate the transformative capabilities of generative AI into regulatory compliance, fostering enhanced productivity.”

Additionally, Regology’s team of skilled professionals has developed step-by-step tutorials that demonstrate the simplicity of leveraging generative AI for everyday regulatory compliance tasks. By signing up today, professionals can benefit from the unique opportunity to actively collaborate with Regology, influencing the future trajectory of this evolving field.

RegIntel is available at no cost to individuals and organizations of all sizes. Get started now at

About Regology

Regology provides a world-class regulatory intelligence platform for compliance professionals. It enables organizations to quickly identify all applicable legal content in the jurisdictions where they operate, monitor incoming regulatory changes, and easily map them to risks and controls using the most advanced artificial intelligence. Regology is trusted by leading companies, including Meta, Microsoft, DraftKings, and FanDuel.

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