Bluon Introduces MasterMechanic, an Innovative AI Based on 50,000 Tech Support Calls to Help HVAC Technicians Diagnose Problems in the Field

MasterMechanic is the ‘ChatGPT for HVAC techs’ — providing them actionable, real-world answers to very specific diagnostic questions in language they can understand

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bluon, Inc., an innovative software company focused on bringing productivity gains to HVAC contractors and their service technicians, today introduced MasterMechanic, a breakthrough AI tool for HVAC technicians that allows them to instantly diagnose and solve problems in the field, using only natural language. The beta product is available publicly to the entire industry for a limited time at

MasterMechanic is the first generative AI tool created to assist HVAC technicians. It represents the next stage of tools for service technicians and the beginning of a fundamental shift in how they will handle challenges in the field. MasterMechanic is an assistive application, designed to give HVAC technicians step-by-step answers to specific, complex problems in language that is easy to follow and very specific to the issue at hand.

MasterMechanic is similar to ChatGPT, but instead of being trained on generic internet content, it’s trained on Bluon’s brand-agnostic and comprehensive body of HVAC data. Bluon’s HVAC data includes nearly 50,000 problem-solution scenarios experienced in the real world and the knowledge of some of the top mechanics in the trade. As a result, the system understands a huge breadth of HVAC issues, in virtually every system type from residential to complex commercial units. It knows how technicians describe problems, and how to provide immediate, practical guidance. Bluon’s data is unrivaled, making it uniquely suited to develop AI solutions, particularly in the complex and nuanced world of HVAC equipment.

“You can think of MasterMechanic as the collection of Bluon’s vast HVAC knowledge. It’s like a superintelligence for the industry. This early beta version has been very impressive and even shocking at times. We have an ambitious roadmap for it and are excited to continue expanding its capabilities,” said Peter Capuciati, chairman and CEO, Bluon.

“We’ve been really impressed with the progress in the machine learning community; it’s helped us maximize the possibilities of Bluon’s immense set of HVAC data. Under the hood, MasterMechanic uses a combination of machine learning approaches including reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF), retrieval augmented generation (RAG) in high dimensional vector space, and large language models (LLMs),” said Adam Curry, SVP, Bluon.

Bluon sets the standard for data in the HVAC industry. The launch of MasterMechanic demonstrates Bluon’s innovation and leadership in the HVAC space, and its emphasis on making all facets of the industry more efficient.

About Bluon

Bluon is at the forefront of the $150 billion HVAC market, serving as the industry’s trusted hub of information. Leveraging the industry’s most expansive database of equipment, parts and documentation, Bluon empowers the industry through cutting-edge cross-reference capabilities, top-tier support tools, and an agnostic e-commerce marketplace that connects contractor demand to distributor’s supply. Bluon’s extensive reach spans the entire industry, with 2,500 distributors and 170,000 technicians representing 55,000 contractors. In a landscape characterized by fragmentation, complexity and antiquated technology, Bluon’s mission is to create efficiency for the key stakeholders in the HVAC industry through its proprietary data, analytics and massive brand-agnostic network. Bluon stands as a new approach to propel the industry toward a more efficient and prosperous future.

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